Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Eliminate the Hidden Costs of Presenteeism

One of the hidden costs that companies have a hard time quantifying is that of stress and illness in the workforce. While many companies can tell you exactly how many sick days employees have used and what they cost in terms of dollars, what they cannot tell you is how many days employees showed up ill and were less productive than they could have been. To increase productivity and the health of their human resources, many companies have turned to sites like Corporate wellness programs do more than just keep people healthy. They also increase productivity across the board.


Going to work when you are ill is called presenteeism. You aren’t absent. You are still getting paid. It doesn’t cost any sick days if you have them, but you really aren’t doing the work with the efficiency and excellence that you normally would. Presenteeism is a problem for employers because not only does it cost in terms of a lack of productivity – you are getting your normal pay while the company is getting less than 100% of the work – but it also costs in terms of the health of others in the organization. While you spread the germs, your coworkers get ill, and your employer loses their productivity.

Blaming Who?

Of course, no one can blame an employee who doesn’t have any sick leave for going into work ill, especially if it will count against him or her when it comes time to evaluate performance or if it will cost that person his or her job. In this economy, it is hard to be out for even a day. Losing a job will put some people on the street.


The forward thinking company provides employees with help and knowledge to change their behaviors. By incorporating a corporate health program like those offered by companies like, every company can help improve the productivity of the entire workforce. The best of the programs increase employee morale and reduce stress. That is good for everyone involved: employee, business, and corporate wellness website. Of course, providing sick leave doesn’t hurt anyone either. 

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