Friday, January 10, 2014

Herbal Essences Bare Naked Volume #Review from Walmart

Hey everyone, remember the post I did last month with the Walmart gift card giveaway and I was telling you about the new Herbal Essences Bare Naked Volume line? Well, here is my personal review of how I liked ordering from Walmart, things I liked about the new products and what I didn't care for. Check it out below!!

First off, the ordering experience. I have to tell you, it was one of the easiest things I have ever ordered online. I do quite a bit through stores online and Walmart was one of the best. It is quick, easy and pretty self-explanatory. And if by some chance you don't figure out what they are saying, there are little tips throughout to help. My order said it would be delivered within 10 days of placing it. Now, with the holidays and all I figured it might be a little bit late. But nope! It was actually early. I got it before Christmas!! Talk about fast:)

When I got the text that my order was in I raced in to pick it up. Okay, not quite raced but I was excited to get it and see what the hype was all about:) My first thought was how nice the packaging was. It comes all nice in a box and then you flip it open and everything is presented great. You can see the info about the products and then the products are arranged in a well done manner.

Try our entire Naked Volume Collection and discover the volume you’ve been craving.
Cleanse, Condition and Bare Your Softest Hair (shampoo and conditioner system usage)
Restore hair’s natural body with our Volume Shampoo and Conditioner with zero heavy residues, dyes and parabens. Start with Volume shampoo and gently massage into wet hair until it lathers. Then rinse thoroughly, working from root to tip so your hair is left with a weightless clean. Next, work in the Volume conditioner to keep hair detangled, conditioned to nourish, and full of irresistible volume.
Why Try Dry Shampoo?Because it’s amazing! Refresh your look and experience lightweight clean hair, even on days you don’t wash. The natural tapioca formula absorbs excess oil, transforming lifeless, oily hair into fresh hair with the crisp essence of citrus and mint. Gently spray on and work into roots, and brush out as desired.
Add the Finishing Touch with Volumizing Souffle
This weightless, volumizing wonder gives you a lift for fullness that lasts, while you delight your senses with a boost of grapefruit and mint.
Gently work in this mousse through wet hair for touchable, natural volume you can run your fingers through.

Now to try them out. I pretty much shower every day and I do my hair at that time. And I condition two-three times a week. My hair is very fine and long. So achieving volume without getting frizz as well is kinda hard. I was excited to try the shampoo and conditioner but not real sure about the dry shampoo. Just don't really use it. The mousse for volume was an extra I was happy to play with:)

The products worked great. I was happy with everything except the mousse. For some reason it just didn't work the way I thought it would. Remember though that my hair is long and thin so it takes more to get the volume I want. One of my favorite things about this set is the scent! It smells incredible! Very strong citrus with light mint tones. And you can almost feel it working in your hair. Kinda squeaky clean:)

This set is still available online at Walmart for 12.99. That is a great buy for a four piece set and I personally want to check out the other lines they have coming out. Be sure to purchase it if you want it though because I am not sure how long it will be available online.

**DISCLOSURE: I was given a free product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given, and all thoughts are 100% mine. Please read my full disclosure policy HERE.**

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Kristie said...

Thanks for your honest recommendation. I have not tried those products before. I might buy them if I catch them on sale. I'm looking for a shampoo and conditioner to make my hair smell nice! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

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