Thursday, January 9, 2014

Necessary Farm Supplies: Used Tractors and More

Running a farm is not to be taken lightly. Depending on the size of your land and the focus of your agriculture, you may be able to buy some equipment to make your life easier. You may need milking supplies, bale supplies, or used tractors in Texas. Continue reading for more information on these kinds of supplies.

Milking Supplies

If you are in the line of dairy, you probably want easier ways to perform the milking process. Milk machines are used when manual labor is too intensive or inefficient. If there are lots of cows and not enough people, then you might want to use a machine. It works by using a continuous vacuum. These machines are beneficial because they can keep contamination out of the containers. The inside of the machine will need to be washed manually, although there are some automatic models that will wash after milking is completed. These machines should be made from stainless steel or other materials that meet regulations for food handling. Milking machines also need electricity to operate.

Bale Supplies

Having a baler can be extremely helpful because this machine can compress and cut crops such as hay, straw, or cotton. Bales of hay are needed for easy transportation so that your hay-eating animals can eat with less work on your part. Some balers can create various sizes and shapes of bales, including rectangles or cylinder shapes. Cylinders make rolling easy, but that also causes a lot more movement when transporting by truck. Rectangles are easier to stack. You can transport using your own trucks or using a bale lifter.

Tractor Supplies

Tractors are probably the most useful supply a farmer could own because they’re so versatile in their uses. There are compact tractors and regular sized tractors, depending on the power and purpose you need it for. Plus, you can buy many different attachments for the front of these machines that can perform various tasks. Row crop tractors help you avoid crushing plants; standard tractors perform plowing; high crop tractors help harvest cotton or other high growing plants; and utility tractors help with landscaping. Buying used tractors in Texas can help you landscape, till, plant, disk, or plow your land at a reduced price.

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