Sunday, January 19, 2014

Want to Get Paid To Work With Brands? Try #Markerly!

Hi friends and fellow bloggers! I apologize for not being on recently but we have friends visiting from Alabama and things have been pretty hectic. Lots of volleyball and good times:) But I wanted to take a couple minutes and talk with you about making money with your blogging. I know many of my readers are people who love to blog for themselves. Whether you like to share with others or you do book reviews, etc. But one thing with blogging is that it takes time and you often don't get paid for it, other than receiving product. Not anymore! The company I want to tell you about today is Markerly. And through them you can get paid to work with brands!

First off, Markerly is very easy to join. They do have certain requirements for bloggers who want to become a part of their program. I was able to join early but they are still somewhat at the beginning of their network so right now is a good time to join. I have worked with many different programs and there are good things to it and bad things. But overall I have seen good from Markerly. I like that they send you an email with details on a project so that you don't have to follow a link and read the whole campaign detail. Believe me, it makes it easy to skim, see if it is something I am interested in and go from there. And some influencer programs do this. It makes it quite difficult. So that is an aspect of Markerly I really like.

Now, please make sure when you sign up with Markerly that you fill everything out. Give a lot of details about your blog so brands will want to work with you. I signed up a little while ago and have received a couple campaigns. No, I didn't sign up for them all but they are all interesting products. These are quality brands that are working with you. And you won't always get product but it could be payment for a sponsored post. If you want to make money while you are blogging, this is one way to do it. Payment prices are good and payout is quick. If you want to make a little cash, believe me it will not be a big amount, this is a company I would urge you to sign up with.

**DISCLOSURE: I was given a free product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given, and all thoughts are 100% mine. Please read my full disclosure policy HERE.**

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