Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What iPhone Cases Say about Their Owners

Every thing you choose says something about you, whether it’s your choice of clothing or what breakfast item you select at the snack bar. If you’re carrying around a cell phone or smart phone (and who isn’t?), you have even more of an opportunity to present yourself and your style to others. At websites such as, cheap iPhone 5 cases and skins come in a wide range of colors and styles and allow you to use that moment when you pull out your phone to update your social media status or answer a call from your bestie to show who you are to the world. But who are you, exactly? Take this quick quiz to help you narrow down your choices and pick the case that will represent you best.

Take the Quiz

At a party, you
Love to meet new people and organize games or dancing.
Find someone you already know so you feel safe.
Help the hostess in the kitchen.
Hide in a corner.

Your favorite colors to wear are
Bright and noticeable.
Muted colors and pastels.
Classic neutrals.

If you get a phone call in a crowded place, you
Speak loud and proud, because you don’t care who overhears you talk about your fascinating life.
Keep it short, but you don’t worry much about your surroundings.
Find a quiet place.
Hide in the bathroom so no one will hear you and you won’t bother anyone.

Your cell or smartphone
Is your life and you must have it with you at all times.
Keeps you connected and entertained when you need it.
Is a good tool, but you prefer human contact.
Is the devil.

The Results

If you answered mostly a’s, you don’t mind standing out in a crowd. Choose a cell phone case that is vibrant and noticeable, whether it is the color or the style—or both. You may also enjoy customizing your case with glued-on rhinestones or studs. For those who lean to b, you are outgoing but don’t necessarily need to be the center of attention. Choose a case that is less flashy and more sophisticated—perhaps something with artwork or a clever design. C people prefer a classic, quieter look that is also functional. Find a case that doubles as a stand in a muted color such as black, navy, gray, or white, for instance. And if you answered mostly d’s, you’re going for pure functionality for when your phone proves more useful than not having one. Places such as, with cheap iPhone 5 cases, offer a wide variety of well-priced cases and skins to fit any personality or style. What you choose will help others understand you just a little bit better.

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Blessie Nelson said...

I was really intrigued to read this post as I haven't seen such a topic before! I happen to be the bright and stand out iphone!

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