Thursday, February 6, 2014

How to Hang an Awning

Awnings are a common thing to see outside of stores and restaurants; they provide shade and shelter, along with adding an aesthetically pleasing look or a level of brand recognition. But having an awning attached to your home can also provide benefits. Along with an area that can be sheltered from the sun (a porch, for example), an awning can be used to save energy when placed over a window or screen door that gets direct sunlight. There are many designs and styles of awnings to choose from, and places like U.S. Canvas and Awning can provide a plethora to options. But before you purchase the awning, you need to know how to get it up on the wall, once you have it.

How to Hang an Awning

Hanging an awning isn’t extremely difficult, and you will only need a few tools: a laser level, a pencil, a tape measure, and an electric drill.

Before you order the awning, first measure the area where the awning will be hung to ensure that you purchase the right size. Also, determine how far you want the awning to extend, bearing in mind that it will slope downward as it comes away from the wall.

Once you have acquired the right awning, use a laser level to mark a line on the external wall of the house where the awning will go. If you want, you may snap a chalk line along the wall to simplify the process.
Next, mark a spot along the line that is at its center. This spot is where you will hang the central bracket. Before hanging anything, however, it is wise to read the installation instructions as they may vary a little from these directions depending on what type of awning you have purchased.

Mount the central bracket by holding it in place and adding pilot holes before screwing the central bracket in with the provided screws.

Once the central bracket is affixed, you will want to have a helper hold the awning in place to ensure that the ends of the awning fit exactly where you have marked on your line. This is a good way to double-check the positioning of the end brackets before you install them. Once you have ensured that the end points are correct, pilot drill and affix the ending brackets. Now it’s ready to support the awning.

Lift the awning into place and then tighten the set screws that secure the awning to the brackets. Once this is done, give the awning a tug to ensure that it is firmly attached.

Connect the support bars to the end brackets as per the manufacturer’s instructions (usually they are attached with a hole and cotter pin system) and then attach the awning to the bars by slowly rolling it out and connecting as per the instructions.

An awning will add both function and beauty to your home, and with the wide variety of awnings available from U.S. Canvas and Awning, your choice may not have your brand name (like the stores), but it can certainly reflect your individual tastes.

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