Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rent Textbooks and Help Operation Smile?

Hey everyone!! It has been a cold, dreary winter here so far but at least the sun is out right now. Yes, it is 14 degrees outside, feels like 5, and completely sunny:) With several inches of snow on the ground. So definitely not the best of weather. But, this is also the time when you are thinking about textbooks and the fun of school. Half the year so far we have been shut down for school because of weather but it won't be that way for long. I know I have told you all about this program before but it is something worth sharing again. And I wanted to give some more details about the way they help through Operation Smile. Plus, they have a new RentBack program that I thought might be helpful. So check it out and see what I found worthwhile about CampusBookRentals

First off is their participation with Operation Smile. This group is well known for their aid to children suffering from facial deformities. Things like cleft lip, cleft palate, etc. The children who suffer from problems like this often don't have a chance. And that my friend is where Operation Smile steps in. They help these children with the surgeries and the healing afterwards. Definitely a group I would stand behind with how many children have benefited from them.

Now, Campus Book Rentals donates a certain percentage of each rental to Operation Smile. See why this is something I wanted to tell you all about again? Every book that is rented helps out this great program!! There is also a new little bit called RentBack. And you guessed it, students can rent their textbooks to other students. Which in turn helps that student make back some money that they have put out on books!!

Watch the little video clip below and find out more about RentBack!

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