Thursday, March 13, 2014

Stop Yelling: Use a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

If you are an outdoor enthusiast of any kind, chances are you don’t go about your activities alone. Whether you’re skiing on the slopes, cycling up a mountain, or riding a motorcycle in a parade, you probably have need to verbalize your thoughts at some point. You can do that by yelling, by cell phone, or by using a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

Option One: Yell

Ah, yes. You’re sure to waste a lot of energy yelling at the top of your lungs as your voice carries into the mountainside full of surrounding trees. Perhaps the cars rushing by while you’re on your bicycles will stop temporarily so that you can hear one another. Maybe your buddies have superhuman hearing, and they’ll be able to hear you over the torque of their Harley Davidson motorcycles as the wind whips through their ears. Come on, yelling is just not going to cut it. If there’s some kind of dangerous obstacle on the slopes, a change of course, or something stinky on the road, you probably want to notify your friends safely and quickly. And yelling is just not going to do the trick.

Option Two: Call

Cell phones really did make a lot of things easier. Reaching people in times of emergency (or making everything into an emergency) became faster and simpler. But how many of your snowboarding or skiing adventures have you wanted to stop suddenly to answer a phone call? You probably couldn’t do so safely with your hands on your bike’s handlebars. And you probably couldn’t hear a cell phone on a motorcycle unless you stopped the engine. Once again, communication in these situations is difficult and inconvenient.

Option Three: Bluetooth

With any and all of these activities, you want to communicate quickly and safely, without interrupting the fun. Consider taking a look at a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. If there’s an emergency, you don’t have to yell so that your voice will be heard. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing to make or answer a call. You can just use built-in communication to make your life a whole lot easier, and save the yelling and phone calls for your next argument.

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