Monday, May 26, 2014

#Weight Loss Challenge Week 2!

So, how did everyone do last week? Did we all get our mile in each day? I did every day, even though one day I had to push myself. I really did not feel like walking that day at all. But knowing that you guys were behind me and walking with me helped me through. I really appreciate you all!

So, this week I want to focus on a spot treatment. Okay, kind of a spot treatment:) The dreaded squats. I personally do about 100 a day. But I worked up to that. So, I want to start off this week with doing 25 a day. How does that sound for you all? And then by the end of the week, we should be doing as many as we possibly can. Push through them and see how many you can do!! It will really help tighten and tone the lower part of your body. You know the legs that everybody sees:) And let's not forget the other part of our bottom half. Anybody with me on this?? Just leave a comment below letting me know you are in and then we can go from there. Come on and lets change our bodies for the better!!

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