Monday, June 9, 2014

All My Belongings Blog Tour!! With #Review.

All My Belongings

A new life and a new identity can’t protect Becca from a past that refuses to go away.
After spending years running from the shame her father put on her family, Jayne is determined not to let him steal her future in the same way he stole her childhood. Changing her name to Becca Morrow, she moves to California and settles into a new life and new job caring for ailing mother of handsome young businessman, Isaac Hughes.
But just as she’s wondering if she and Isaac are headed for a relationship, Becca’s patient passes away under unusual circumstances. Suddenly, her past catches up with her and the unnerving details of her heritage threaten to destroy all sense of home and all hope for love.
Even if she could clear her name, a phone call wraps a suffocating shroud around her heart. Her estranged father needs her help. But can Becca open her new life to the man who ruined her past?

MY REVIEW-I have read several of Cynthia's other books and enjoyed them but this is one I really, really liked. The whole plot of a woman who tries to escape the past and the name her father has ruined to become a caregiver for a little old lady with dementia. The son who is adopted and loved all his life but not sure his mother loves him now. Jayne takes on a new name after her father is sentenced to prison and she tries to hide her past life. Not that she was in the wrong, but her father is known for his mercy killings. And that wouldn't do when she is going to help care for this older lady. It was a little ironic that she chooses the name Becca and the person who hires her to care for his mother is Isaac:) Nice little touch there Cynthia!

I had some trouble with her deception throughout the book. Eventually stuff comes out and we do see she struggles with it. I guess I understand to a certain extent why she felt she had to lie about her past life. The woman she is caring for, Aurelia, is a well written character. Cynthia shows her as lucid some moments and then in a world her own. You feel so badly for her as she loses touch with reality and struggling to keep her pride. Isaac has such a problem dealing with her and the times she doesn't even remember him. There are some funny parts and there are also many sad parts. One of the funniest is when the "boys" come over to get the sun room ready and they are talking about paint. I literally laughed out loud:) An honest book with several lessons to be learned. Way to go Cynthia on a book well written!

**DISCLOSURE: I was given a free product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given, and all thoughts are 100% mine. Please read my full disclosure policy HERE.**

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