Monday, June 2, 2014

Weight Loss Challenge #Fitness!!

Hi all! Sorry I am a little late today in getting this posted. Internet has been real wonky and mainly off:) How did we do on our squats last week? Anyone get involved at all? I sure hope so!! My legs are killing me but I know it is good to get the exercise. This week I want to focus on my arms. I got in a set of resistance bands from Black Mountain Products which I will be reviewing next week but haven't had full time to work with them yet.

So, anyone interested in working on your arms? It can be your biceps, triceps, etc. Do some kickbacks, curls, push-ups, etc. Use a resistance band, weights, hand weights, anything to get those arms in shape. You know you gotta make em hurt if you want to look good in short sleeves:) Who is up for this challenge?? You know the drill:) Leave a comment below just letting me know. I am going to try and work on my arms each day this week but it might end up being 4 days. Not sure yet. But I am definitely going to push my arms this week. Lets do it!!!

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