Tuesday, July 8, 2014

20 Second #Fitness #Exercise Program!

During my weight loss journey I am finding products I really love and some I don't. I guess it is that way all through life, right? Well, one of my favorite ways to exercise is this program right here, 20 Second Fitness! It sounds really easy from the start. I mean, how can you get enough of a workout in just 20 seconds? That is the thought that ran through my head when I did my dvd. But once I actually completed a workout, I saw it for the ingenious idea it really was:)

This program works on 20 second intervals. We have part specific workouts first and then a cardio workout. So like for today I did the second day. Part specific is for abs and core. So we do everything from bicycles, russian twists, and so on. Two sets of each. It is harder than it sounds, believe me. Then for cardio we did star jumps, short pants, planks and so on. The workout isn't long at all, but you will be dying by the end. At least I was when I started. They progressively get harder and longer but all they do is add 20 second sets. So you never do something for longer than 20 seconds. And I love using this in addition to my daily walk/jog.

So how is your workout going this week? Any fitness products you want to tell me about or workout programs you like? Leave a comment and let me know! I love to hear from my readers.

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Senna said...

Great way to get moving! Thanks!

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