Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Don't Miss These Books From Family Christian Stores!! #FCblogger

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Do you all have any interesting books you are currently reading? I am in the middle of two but you know me, always on the lookout for me:) Today I want to showcase a few exciting new books that will be releasing next month. So right now you can pre-order them and you just might get a special on them as well! Take a look and see what is coming!!

1.Living Courageously by Joyce Meyers.
I have personally never read anything by Joyce Meyers. I am kind of careful over women teachers, but from what I have heard about her books they are really good. And this one sounds like a great one for those dealing with fear in their lives.

This releases on September 16th and you can order it for only 14.97 right now!

PreBuy Living Courageously by Joyce Meyer for just $14.97 at FamilyChristian.com!

New from Joyce Meyer, Living Courageously: PreBuy now at FamilyChristian.com

2.You Can, You Will by Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen is an author I have read a few books by and every time I am surprised. And in this one Joel brings 8 traits and attributes that are found in highly successful people. Don't we all want to be more successful? Well look no further than this book to find tips and hints on how to be that successful person you have always wanted to be.

This will release September 30th and you can pre-order it for 14.97!!

PreBuy You Can You Will by Joel Osteen for just $14.97 at FamilyChristian.com

New from Joel Osteen, You Can You Will: PreBuy now at FamilyChristian.com

3.A.D. 30 by Ted Dekker
Now I am a lover of good Biblical fiction. The ones that make you step back in the pages of Bible history. And that is exactly what we have here with Ted Dekker's newest book, A.D. 30. Ted Dekker is one of the most well-known authors in the Christian fiction genre and this novel looks like one of his best. Can't wait to get this one!

A.D. 30 is available for the pre-order price of 14.97 but will not release until October 28th.

PreBuy A.D. 30 by Ted Dekker for just $14.97 at FamilyChristian.com

Ted Dekker, A.D. 30: PreBuy now at FamilyChristian.com

4.Jesus Daily: 365 Interactive Devotions from Aaron Tabor.
This is an author I have never read before. But after looking at this devotional book I am going to check out what other books I can find by Aaron Tabor. I love doing devotions in the morning and evening, but sometimes they don't seem very relevant. Like maybe they are outdated? I think this book will bring very up-to-date information and a devotion for every day life. Looks like a fantastic one!!

This will release on October 21st and is available for pre-order now for 9.97

PreBuy Jesus Daily: 365 Interactive Devotions by Aaron Tabor at FamilyChristian.com for just $9.97

New from Aaron Tabor, Jesus Daily: PreBuy now at FamilyChristian.com

So, interested in any of these? I have put a few of them on my reminder list to come back to. Family Christian definitely has some good ones coming out in the next couple months! Let me know what you are looking forward to picking up out of these and what you are in the middle of reading right now!!

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