Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wanna Rent Textbooks? And Help with Operation Smile!! @textbookrentals

If I write about a company more than once, you can be sure it is something I wholeheartedly back. 100% I agree with the standards and values given by this brand or company. So it is no big surprise that I come to you again, at this time of year, for CampusBookRentals. If you are new to my blog, please take a moment and read about this wonderful company. And if you are an old follower(as in you have been reading my blog for years, not as in experience or age, LOL!), who has heard about this company before then please share this post and tell others about it.

Many students go out before a semester and spend a ton of money on books that they will eventually end up turning in at a bookstore for a 1/4th of the price, or maybe even giving them away. Well, not anymore with CampusBookRentals! Have you ever thought about renting your textbooks? It had never hit me before and I don't think this business was around when I was needing it, but in all reality it is a brilliant idea! Go find the books you need, rent them for much less than you would pay in a bookstore, and then send them back! You get free shipping both ways, save 40-90% off bookstore prices and you can highlight in these books. Almost like they were yours but at the end of using them you don't have to find a place to get rid of them or throw them away. Just mail them back out, totally free.

There is also a new nifty feature called RentBack. This allows you to rent your textbooks to other students. So if you need a certain book for chemistry, you rent it, then you can rent it to another student. Thus you make more profit on books that you won't be needing later on.

I have to tell you though, there is one more feature to CampusBookRentals that really seals the deal on my approval. And that is Operation Smile. With every textbook rented, this company gives a percentage to help save lives. It may not sound like much, but I think it is a wonderful opportunity to get your books that you need along with helping someone in need.

So, how about it? Want to rent some textbooks? Be sure to check them out today and browse the options available. Also follow them on social media so you see the good reports from people happy with their services.

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