Saturday, September 13, 2014

Raina's Choice by Gilbert Morris Book #Review!

When a mysterious stranger, Ty Kincaid, arrives in her town from Mexico, headed for Arkansas by way of the riverboats, Raina Vernay s mind starts churning a plan to escape her brutal brother-in-law and locate the father she s never know. Ty just might be her ticket to Indian Territory and freedom. . . . Then Ty lands himself in jail, and Raina has to wonder if this wanted man is any use to her. She needs a hero. Can she find him in Ty?

MY REVIEW-Gilbert Morris is one of those authors you expect to be around forever. You grew up reading his books and yet he still has new books coming out. And his newest one, Raina's Choice, is the third book in the Western Justice series and while I have read some of his newer ones, this one I think was really good.

The book opens with two men in a Mexican prison. They haven't done anything wrong, but got stuck in the wrong place during a revolution. One of them expects to die, while the other is hanging onto the assurance that God is in control and will get them out. Ty Kincaid is the one who is just waiting to die. He is ill and the Mexicans don't care, they just work the prisoners until they give out and then bury them. But his friend Jim has bribed the guards to help them escape. Which happens but at the expense of Jim's life.

Raina is the heroine. Strong and yet vulnerable she is constantly fighting off her brother-in-law. He is such a jerk and I really wanted to slap him. Raina has tried running away from him once already but the sheriff caught her and brought her back. She is forced to help wait on tables at the saloon when a young man wanders in who is different from the rest. Yep, you guessed it:) Ty is the man who is polite and kind to her. But he also gets put in jail when the corrupt sheriff arrests him. So Raina boldly offers to help him break out of jail if he will help her escape her brother-in-law.

The storyline is really good and I loved how the escape and romance isn't the whole book. We see Raina as she searches for her father along with a lot of history. That is one of my favorite parts of Gilbert Morris books is the historical figures we get to meet. Love the western theme! Another excellent book from Gilbert Morris!

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Janine Sprague said...

So glad all three books are out for I have been wanting to read the series, but it looked like it was one of those series that has to be read back to back. Looking forward to reading them all now. Thank you

Janine (Christian Bookworm)

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