Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rumors of Wars End Times DVD #Review!

In the end, we all worship something.

In the post apocalyptic future, Agent Shaw (Ben Davies, Courageous) works for the only surviving government working to bring order to a world full of decay and violence.  Shaw offers little mercy to those that would stand in the way of the government’s edict, that everyone submit to an implanted chip that tracks their movements and purchases.    He is certain that those “zealots” that would put their belief in God ahead of the beliefs of society, could lead the world back on the road toward destruction.   The zealots need to be eliminated.   But his faith was challenged when he found a small book in the rubble near one of the “rebel” encampments- the diary of young college student named Roxy (Jennifer Cooper), who was at the epicentre  of the chip’s creation years before.  She was a young aspiring journalism major whose life took a dark turn when she began researching Mr. Zurn (Eric Roberts, The Dark Knight), the man behind this implanted chip. 

Rumors of Wars is a a suspenseful, action packed film that centers around two converging stories- the “last days” of our present and the final days of our future. 

Synopsis:  An aspiring journalist, Roxy investigates end-times prophecies and discovers that the events described in the Bible are happening all around her. Years later, Shaw, an agent for the One World government, is hunting down rebels when he discovers her journal in the post-apocalypse rubble. What will he do with this newfound truth? 

MY THOUGHTS-This movie I was very skeptical over when I first heard about it. Recently I have watched several Christian films that weren't that interesting and basically fell flat, or the filming was terrible. It is amazing how many of them feel like they were done as a home movie! And yes, I understand having to be careful with a budget and money being tight, but when we are going up against the secular movies and falling way short, it isn't a good testimony. So I was actually surprised and impressed with Rumors of Wars with the filming and the actors they got involved in the taping.

The story line is about end times prophecy. We are living in a day where people are wondering and searching for more about the rapture, what it will be like for those left behind, etc. Just look at several of the new Christian films released this past year. The main character is Roxy and we see as she investigates what is really happening in her world. The picture goes back and forth between present day now and then much later with a one world government and the mark, etc. I liked her character and the searching she does. I also really, really liked agent Shaw. This is someone I recognized from a previous movie, Courageous, and he does an excellent job in this. There were several others that you may be familiar with such as Eric Roberts, Jason Burkey, Brad Stine and Shannen Fields. I think Jason Burkey played the part quite well and I am hoping there will be a sequel to this so we see how this ends. They definitely left it open for another movie. 

Make sure to take a look at the trailer below!!

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