Friday, January 30, 2015

Justgogirl and A Touchy Subject

Just want to give a warning here real quick, any guys reading this blog might want to take a break right now. Like maybe leave until the next post? Just go kaput for a little bit:) Okay, only ladies reading now, right? NO MEN!!! Do any of you participate in sports? I am not a member of an organized sports team, but I exercise or workout daily. This includes my Zumba, racquetball, jogging and kickboxing. I talk with many women who have a daily schedule of hard exercise and we all seem to have at least one thing in common. And that would be...wait for it...athletic leaks. And yes, I know a lot of females don't like talking about this subject, it is delicate and kind of touchy but there is no embarrassment in this ladies. We need not be ashamed of something that happens naturally. For many women leakage happens after childbirth. Which is no surprise. But where most ladies feel uncomfortable is when that leak comes while exercising. Do you know the percentage of women who have to deal with athletic leaks on a daily basis? One out of three women!! These are mainly mothers who have difficulty holding it in, but it is amazing how many are women who sneeze or laugh and have an accidental leak.

For me, it only happens on occasion. But I personally know others for whom this is a daily occurrence. And this product I want to tell you about works for both groups. Whether you have children and your leaks only happen because of that, or you only have leaks during exercise, laughing, etc. Justgogirl has the solution for all women everywhere. The pads they make are the perfect size, they stay in place and most of all, are comfortable for daily use. Believe me, I have tried these and I love them! I don't have to worry about it leaking or tearing(you can laugh but I have had my pads tear before and it isn't nice!) or being totally clear to everyone else you are wearing a pad. For any woman who has a problem with leaks, please take a couple minutes to check this company out. They have a 2 pad sample pack where you just pay the shipping price. You will absolutely love how these feel!!

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