Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Health Benefits of Taking Probiotics

*Disclosure* I received product at a reduced price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All thoughts are 100% mine. I am not a doctor and the benefits I received from using this product may not be the same for everyone. I can only speak on my behalf.

For someone who is trying to achieve a healthier way of life, probiotics is something I take daily. I hadn't really thought much about it at first, I mean I ate greek yogurt so I would get my daily probiotics and live cultures that we all hear so much about. But was I getting enough? Was it really doing anything for my body anyways? So I decided to delve into the benefits and see what I came up with. Here is a little bit of what I found and also my favorite Probiotic supplement for women.

1.What are Probiotics? 
This is the first thing I wanted to find out. It is also the biggest question I have heard from critics, you all know the ones I am talking about. The ones who look at you like you are crazy for taking a pill and ask you what in the world is it doing for you? Anyways, the really basic, simple, easy-to-understand answer is this. Probiotics are live culture bacteria and yeast. Yep, you heard me right:) But it is the good kind of bacteria that helps your body, or rather your stomach, on track and healthy.

2.Do They Really Help?
Yes, definitely, absolutely!! At first when you start taking them you may not notice a big change. I think part of mine might have been because I already had probiotics almost daily. But I noticed a big change after taking these pills after about 5 days. Probiotics help fight off infection and also boost your immune system. Believe me, I have seen it happen and felt it. Times where I could feel a cold coming on and I would eat yogurt? The cold either didn't ever come, or I had less symptoms than the rest of the family.

3.Why Advanced Probiotics is My Favorite?
Personally I have problems taking pills. Small ones I don't really have a lot of difficulty over but with larger pills I tend to have gag reflex with:) One of the main reasons I like the Advanced Probiotics brand is that I can pop open the capsule and pour the powder inside into my food! I can put it in a smoothie, mix it in my yogurt or oatmeal, etc. I still get the full benefits of the probiotics while not having to swallow the pill. A big plus in my opinion. The other thing I like is that they are 100% vegetarian and is a natural formula. I had no side effects while using this and I enjoy knowing that I am getting a good amount of probiotics. You can't go wrong with that!



THE PRICE GOES FROM $19.99 - $6.00 = $13.99

**DISCLOSURE: I was given a free product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given, and all thoughts are 100% mine. Please read my full disclosure policy HERE.**


tara pittman said...

I take probiotics every day and they help with regularity. No more tummy problems for me.

Ida Arias said...

I started taking probiotics last year and they have been a godsend. Everything is working the way it's supposed too now and I feel better!

Christy Maurer said...

Probiotics are so good for you! I haven't heard of this brand, so I'll check it out!

Kat Sterrett said...

I swore by probiotics for my baby when she was little! She had colic and the probiotics helped me cope day to day for sure.

Shonda said...

I am definitely a fan of probiotics. Thanks for sharing a new brand I can check out.

Rebecca Bryant said...

I had no clue probiotics did so much. Will look into them.

Uplifting Families said...

I try to eat yogurt on a regular basis. I've had doctors tell me to add probiotics when you take antibiotics to help replace the good bacteria.

Sara said...

I've always been skeptical about taking things like this! Thank you for the review!! (:

Cousin Becky said...

I have used them
In the past with my children in there cereal.

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