Friday, June 5, 2015

My Top Ten Favorite Pieces of #Jewelry from Anjolee

For many women, there is nothing better to get as a gift than a piece of jewelry. I love baubles and often just browse online stores or spend time walking through jewelry stores in the mall, admiring the different pieces I see or imagining how a certain set would look on me. Diamonds and pearls are not on my top list, but I do have to say they might make their way into my heart after a bit:) They make perfect gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, going away presents, etc. Below are some of my favorites that I found on Anjolee. The price ranges vary and there are so many options to choose from I had a hard time only picking three. These are so beautiful and full of sparkle!

I have always an affinity for hearts. When I get a piece of jewelry, more often than not it has a heart design in it. I am also a fan of gold color so when I saw this bracelet, I just knew it would be my top choice. Their pieces are all able to be customized so if you want a white gold, or even a charm, you can play with all of those options. I just love it!!

I told you I liked hearts, remember? This one here immediately caught my eye when I saw it. Just look at the design! The heart is inverted so it is upside down but it is so pretty. Very sparkly and stylish you could give this for any event but especially for a birthday, etc.

I actually have quite a few of these bracelets known as Tennis Bracelets. They happen to be a favorite accessory because you can wear them with anything and it adds a bit of style with just a little bracelet. Nice and unassuming these are classical pieces.

This here is almost the same as the one above. It is a tennis bracelet as well but a different style. Check out the swirls, which is why it is known as a twist. A virtual curl of swirls that will gleam on any wrist and evoke a stunning response from those around you.

I fell in love with this necklace after seeing all the options to customize. My birthstone is Amethyst, yes I am a February gal, and I like being able to choose that stone for my necklaces. Not that they all have that color by any means but it is nice when the company has that available. I also like the design of this necklace. I don't have many that have the tiers like this one and it draws the eye to follow the line of the pendant. I love it!

And this one I liked because of the different style. The stars remind me of a woman in a long evening gown out under a starry night. The long classical lines paired with an evening gown would be beautiful.

Every now and then you want something that is different and will stand out from what everyone else is wearing. That is where this necklace comes in. The bolero tie style looks awesome! Talk about being in a crowd above everyone else.

I personally don't wear earrings. But it doesn't stop me from looking and seeing the beautiful pieces that dangle from your ears. Thus I chose these here. I like the journey style as it dangles and flashes, drawing attention to the long neck lines. Or your small ears:)

These last two are dealing with wedding sets. My first choice is an eternity ring that is princess cut and really pretty. I am the type of person who doesn't really like flashy rings and this one is small, just the way I liked them.

Now if I were to go all out, this is the ring set I would choose. Definitely not in my budget and won't be for a while but a girl can dream can't she? A beautiful piece to show your vows.

Anjolee has beautiful pieces of jewelry that would make any woman proud. I love that you can customize them and these are truly works of art.

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