Monday, October 26, 2015

Snacking with Harvest Trail Bars from Atkins! @AtkinsInsider

As someone who is making a lifestyle change(I don't like to call it a diet) in the way I eat, snacking is one of those things that comes into play a lot. Throughout my day I eat three meals but I often like to pick up a quick treat in the afternoon to tide me over after lunch but before I eat dinner. Only problem is, do you know how difficult it can be to find healthy snacks that will help ease the hunger without adding on the pounds? That is why I was so happy to get to try the new Atkins Harvest Trail snack bars. These were so good!

I got all four flavors to try, Dark Chocolate Cherry & Nut, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, Vanilla Fruit & Nut and the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel. As you can see, there are some delicious flavors here.

They aren't all dark chocolate, which was a big plus for me. I like chocolate but not overload, and I am glad to say that the chocolate is a big part of it, but not too much. In fact, my favorite out of them all was the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel. It really reminded me of the salted caramels I eat now and then. Much better devouring this and knowing it is good for me:)

I did like the Vanilla Fruit & Nut as well as the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter bars. The only one I didn't really care for was the Dark Chocolate Cherry & Nut. The cherries were a bit much for me as it came out very strong. But these bars became a fast favorite. They are so easy to grab as you walk out the door, something to pack for a trip or day at the office or gym, etc.

I also want to mention that while I was snacking on one of these in my bedroom Glory, our Sheltie, decided she wanted a taste:)

No, she didn't get a piece of this, I wasn't sharing. But she did get a doggie treat. These really are great for you as well as tasting good. Not like some snacks you get that taste diet. So glad to try these and I will be purchasing more in the future. Now to see if I can get a big box at Sam's Club:D

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