Monday, November 23, 2015

2015 HGG EtekCity Keyboard & Scale! #Review #GiftGuide

Well, it has finally arrived!! You all know what I am talking about? The well-known...greatly looked for..the much prepped for...... 2015 Holiday Gift Guide from Giveaway Lady!! I have tons of new products to share with you all as well as some great giveaways and companies that you will be wanting to purchase from this holiday season.


EtekCity is one of those companies where you could probably find a gift for anyone on their site. We are talking tech gear with keyboards and speakers, fitness scales, food scales, emergency flashlights, outdoor stuff, etc. The possibilities are endless here. For my review I chose the Digital Body Fat Bathroom Scale and the Waterproof Wired Gaming Keyboard. Read on to see my review with the pictures!

I have been needing a new scale for some time as my lifestyle change with Trim Healthy Mama has made me want to actually step on one again. For a time there I didn't even want to see the numbers as they popped up but now that I am losing weight I don't mind getting on to see where I am this week. When I first opened the Digital Body Scale I thought the design was cool. But after figuring it out, I realized the metal plate design is actually for the ability to track your BMI. I love what this has the ability to do!

And no, that is not my weight:) It will track up to 12 users and all their information. Including sex, height, weight and age. This is perfect for our family as we have 6 people who use the scale. We can each have a profile and cycle through it so it will keep track for each person. This is a huge deal in our family!

Now bear in mind on this second review. I am not really into the whole big gaming thing. I enjoy playing a few games now and then but I wanted to use this so I didn't ruin the keyboard on my laptop. The Wired Waterproof Gaming Keyboard is backlit which is great but my favorite part of it? How big it is! I love the design of it and the ability to plug it in and just type away without having wrist problems. I don't know about you, but after typing for a while and my wrists are resting on the edge of my laptop, it can be cause a bit of pain. Not with this baby! It is waterproof, yes I tested it with drops but not a whole cup of water or anything, and it has a Windows lock button which allows for no errors while in the middle of playing a game. And you can change the back light color from a red to yellow, or blue or even purple as there are seven different options. I am totally in love!

The other big plus for me with Etekcity is their price range. The quality of these products compared to the price value is great. They would make perfect gifts for Christmas and I am sure you can find something for just about anyone in your home. Be sure to drop by Etekcity on their social media pages as well as their website.

**DISCLOSURE: I was given a free product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given, and all thoughts are 100% mine. Please read my full disclosure policy HERE.**

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