Monday, January 18, 2016

Amazing Novel! Where Treasure Hides by Johnnie Alexander with #Review

Artist Alison Schuyler spends her time working in her family’s renowned art gallery, determined to avoid the curse that has followed the Schuyler clan from the Netherlands to America and back again. She’s certain that true love will only lead to tragedy—that is, until a chance meeting at Waterloo station brings Ian Devlin into her life. Drawn to the bold and compassionate British Army captain, Alison begins to question her fear of love as World War II breaks out, separating the two and drawing each into their own battles. While Ian fights for freedom on the battlefield, Alison works with the Dutch Underground to find a safe haven for Jewish children and priceless pieces of art alike. But safety is a luxury war does not allow. As time, war, and human will struggle to keep them apart, will Alison and Ian have the faith to fight for their love, or is it their fate to be separated forever?

MY THOUGHTS-WWII is a hard time period for me to read about or watch. It was a dark time for many people and as such, I often shy away from it. But the plot for this novel here drew me in and while I wasn't sure how well I would like the book, it turned out to be in my top three list for the year. Yes, I loved it!

Mrs Alexander does an excellent job with research, causing the reader to feel like they have been picked up and set back down in a different era. The attention to detail allows you to hear the violin as little Josef plays, smell the scones at Minivers, brush the rain from your shoulders as you rush with Alison from the car to the house and even feel the despair as Ian makes a decision to take a life in order to save another. These characters were so real, the book would be excellent made into a movie, that at times I felt like I knew them.

One of my favorite aspects was the history. I had heard of the Dutch Resistance but I never realized all it detailed. What went into the rescuing of Jewish children, hiding them and forging the passports, while risking their own lives to do it. Also the hiding of art from the plundering of the Germans. I found myself going to the internet and searching for more information, especially about the artwork being hidden in caves. All in all it moved me like no other story has yet this year. Brilliant writing that draws the reader into that time period, steadily moving along on a ride of ups and downs. My heart ached for Ian and Alison, so much in love and yet held apart by more than just distance. The secondary characters were just as much a part of the story, including young Libby (a refugee in her own right), Ian's sister Trish, and even Theodor, the German in love with Alison. My only complaint? the story just ends, leaving you with a teaser! Definitely not right! My fingers are crossed for a second installment shortly. Again, an amazing book that I would urge everyone to pick up and read, even if WWII is not your favorite genre. A+!

**DISCLOSURE: I was given a free product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given, and all thoughts are 100% mine. Please read my full disclosure policy HERE.**

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