Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Interesting Novel from Ellis Island! @cindyswriting


Sofia's Tune is the third book of the Ellis Island series. I have read one of the previous books in the trilogy and was happy to see Annie make an appearance, as well as Grace from the middle book I haven't finished yet. I absolutely love the cover, makes the reader think of happy times with their pets, and the plot is a sure draw for those who enjoy a bit of a mystery with their stories.

The characters in this novel really made me happy for the people who surround me in my life. Sofia's mother is quite depressed and when her daughter finds out that they kept a secret from her, the mother spirals even further downward. And yes, this secret is a pretty big one, but I just wanted to shake her out of her misery and remind her of those who still needed her. The situation drives Sofia from the house and she ends up staying at Hawkins House. Antonio was a good match to Sofia, at times being a friend and at other times needing her friendship. His story brings a lot of mystery with it as he tries to find out if his father was really murdered or if it was just an accident.

This book deals a lot with the immigrant community. I really enjoyed learning more about those who immigrated to Ellis Island, what they went through while striving to find their way in a strange new world. It was definitely eye opening for me. I am a fan of Irish history so I have read some other books about the immigrants coming over, but this one had some interesting tidbits. There is also a little furry friend who plays a big part throughout the whole book. Not many Christian fiction stories have dogs as main characters and it added quite a bit to the fun. A great book that I thoroughly enjoyed! I will tell you, this story can be read by itself, but it is nice to read them in order.


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Cindy Thomson said...

Thank you, Charity. I'm happy you enjoyed it.

Cozy in Texas said...

I haven't heard of this series. I'm intrigued by those who passed through Ellis Island. I landed in California at LAX when I came here and it wasn't anywhere near the plight those people went through.

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