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When Calls the Heart: Forever in My Heart #Hearties SPOILER ALERT!!!

It is that time of the week again where I get to talk about my favorite TV series right now. When Calls the Heart airs Sunday and so my review for the upcoming episode is normally done on Monday. This week we have a new episode titled, Forever in my Heart. And while I have loved WCTH for the first two seasons, I believe the writers have gone above and beyond this season. Upping the emotional draw for the viewers week after week, making us think each episode is greater than the last one! Ready for my thoughts for this episode? As always, if you don't want any spoilers, please do not read past this point. There will be pictures, a review and some spoiling being done:)

SPOILER ALERT!!! DO NOT READ PAST THIS POINT IF YOU DO NOT WANT ANY HINTS, TIPS, OR SPOILING!!! ****************************************************************************************
For those of you who are tuning in after watching last night's installment of WCTH, this episode opens with Lee giving Jack and Bill a list of the employees from his mill. The sabotage has continued and if it doesn't end shortly, Gowen just might get his wish of buying out the sawmill. They are cutting back on shifts since they are so far behind on their orders. Jack wants to keep the investigation under wraps so they don't scare anyone off and Bill decides to make a few casual conversations to see what he might be able to turn up. They leave with Bill's cryptic warning that whoever is behind it will make a mistake, they always do.


Abigail and Elizabeth are spending some time chatting about the upcoming Church service, or lack thereof as Frank is in Buxton (SP?) attending the trial of Garrison. Cody bursts in with the news that "she is coming! Becky is coming!" Can I stop a minute to say, this kid is adorable! I mean down right cute as a button. And what an actor at his age. I really want to just give him a hug now and then:)

Constable Jack Thornton is making his rounds out of town on a beautiful morning when he comes across an older gentleman carrying an ax. The scenery here is amazing. I am sure it is cold while filming, but to see that view every day on set? What a beautiful place!

After some chitchat. the gentleman lets Jack know he will be leaving and is looking at selling his property. Anyone have an idea of what might be coming in the future? Jack asks how much he is asking and the man says it depends on who is asking. If it was a young man, pointing to Jack, looking at building a house for his new family? I would give you a good price. While Jack might be wanting to settle down, he isn't quite sure just yet, but he does get told there is someone else eyeballing the property so if he is interested, not to take too long. And I just love Jack's response! "To buy the house, or start the family?"

 And then cue the wonderful inspiring music of When Calls the Heart! I really love the music and the opening credits. Okay, okay, I know, so I guess there isn't much about this show I don't love :)

We again see Elizabeth struggling with her book. One of the reasons I enjoy this program so much is that I read the original books written by Janette Oke. And while the show obviously deviates from the stories, I like that they are having Elizabeth write a book. That is if she can get past the first paragraph:) She thought it would be easy as she has so much to inspire her, but when it comes time to sit down and type on her typewriter (that Jack bought for her), the words do not come as easy as expected. Much easier to think of yourself as a writer than it is to sit down and do it.

So off she goes to school and who should she come across but Jack, tying his horse to the hitching post. Boy what a smile! No wonder she chose Jack over Charles ;)

In all reality, they make a perfect couple and I love the little bantering that comes next. Because when he offers the miss a ride, she responds back that she isn't in the habit of accepting rides from strangers. The playfulness of this part is just complete fun and makes you realize what a team they make. Of course, we can't get by without a mention of Faith, as Jack has offered to take the pretty nurse out to the settlement since Pastor Hogan is out of town for the trial.

But he somehow forgot to mention that to Elizabeth, along with Faith breaking off her engagement and staying to run the infirmary, and while she tells Jack that she doesn't mind Faith being there and that she is a good nurse, we see later that she does have some worries to be worked out.

Back to the school house and the wonderful children involved. Oh, and of course their beautiful teacher:) Elizabeth brings in a volcano and announces that they will be having a science project! Some of the children pipe up that they aren't good enough and that science isn't that exciting. But we all know Elizabeth can work wonders with the kids and she does just that by setting off her volcano.

Jack is bringing Faith out to the settlement and this is where I think I realized how much the jealousy aspect might have been overplayed. They are talking, yes they are alone in the buckboard, but she is missing Peter. And while she has friends in Hope Valley, it is hard to let go. Jack asks if she is having second thoughts and she immediately responds with a firm no, he wasn't a bad person, they just wanted different things.

She appears happy, though scared and apprehensive about taking over the infirmary, but Jack assures her he knows she will do a good job.

In the saloon, Mr Lee Coulter is approached by Mrs Blakely, also known as Feisty Florence:) Or as Lee says, nosy! She questions Lee about his men who are sitting at the table playing cards and wonders why the men have so much free time on their hands. He assures her things are going fine but you see the concern on his face.

Thankfully the minute Florence leaves, Rosemary rushes in like a whirlwind with big news! The motion picture company is going to shoot a motion picture right here! To which he replies, "in the saloon?" Ahh, you gotta love them! The long suffering looks he gives her, the way she ignores his remarks, but then is obviously listening and of course the sweet emotions they portray all come together into a most fabulous couple!

Sorry, but that smile is almost as good as Jack's :) Rosie wants to audition and get a part in the movie, her chance to reach an audience a million times bigger than some tiny little theatre. Think of it, all the world will be my stage. She excitedly laughs and as Lee watches her leave, his parting comment is "As if it isn't already." I can't say it enough, they have such sparkle together!

Back to Jack and Faith who have been helping the settlers at the encampment. There is some bickering among the people who are trying to eke out a living for their families all the while being bullied by Mayor Gowen who owns the land. Isn't it a good thing our Constable is there to step in? He assures them that nobody will go hungry and there is plenty to go around if everyone shares.

Faith is busy helping with her healing ways. I loved seeing her bandaging up hands, getting the youngsters to smile and checking on baby Oliver and his mother Edith. I really believe she will be an asset to the show, so long as she stays away from Jack. Which the writers seem to be taking care of this episode. After their chat with Edith, Faith is not seen for the rest of the time. Edith on the other hand is not doing so well. We find out that her husband, Roy, took off and has left her to care for Oliver while also managing to earn a living. Granted he didn't know that Oliver was coming, but you wonder how a man can walk out on a woman like sweet and unassuming Edith. Jack of course offers to lend some help with repairing her tent and fixing up a couple things.

Clara and Jesse have been a delight for me to see as they grow in their friendship. Clara has the strength to hold him at arms length, not instantly jumping into a relationship with him just because he became a hero. They are both young, he has seen more of the world than she has, and I am glad they are taking things slowly.

Clara is truly a beautiful young lady and it shines from the inside out. Jesse is a handsome young man and while I didn't trust him at first, I can see where Clara will be good for him. He tells her that the men at the mill were talking about a barn dance and asks if she knows anyone who might want to go? She teasingly responds that Florence Blakely is a good dancer. He comes right back at her with a funny remark and I love her giggle when he does. What a great looking couple!

Elizabeth might have shown Jack earlier that she was okay with Faith, but when she is alone talking to Abigail, we see that not everything is quite okay. She is still hesitant with Faith, though she admits she is a great nurse, and they could probably be friends, if only she could trust her with Jack.

And I think Abigail imparts some wisdom, telling her it will take time. She understands the whole thing about trust and if you love someone and they love you, no matter what comes, you can be assured they will be faithful. And while I say Elizabeth is still hesitant, I believe she has confidence in Jack but isn't sure what Faith is after. Jack and Elizabeth have come such a ways in their relationship and there is almost a reliance there. Cody spoils the moment by barging in and eavesdropping on the grownups.

But the moment is really changed when an excited Cody hears someone call his name. Yep, Becky has arrived but not as they all thought.

As you can see, Becky is in a wheelchair and while Cody is happy to have her there, he is unsure of why she isn't better. We get to see the delightful Dr Burns again, if only he would end up staying in Hope Valley and working with Faith at the infirmary, but he is saying his goodbyes and heading home. He approaches Abigail though asking if she had thought about taking the children on a permanent basis, since the social worker would like to have them placed as soon as possible. Wise and caring Abigail wants to make sure Becky wants to stay, not just Cody.

Bill and Jack are once again investigating the accidents at the mill but have come up empty handed with the list Lee gave them of employees past and present. They present the option that the saboteur is an inside man, being paid to wreak havoc in the mill, causing Lee to sell out. Question is, who would pay to see him go out of business?

Your mind automatically goes to Henry Gowen since he had threatened Lee when he first opened the sawmill. Which Lee won the mill fair and square in a poker game, but you will remember that Gowen then slapped a bunch of taxes and fees on him. Gowen is suspect number one in Jack's eyes, but Bill thinks there might be others out there, especially a competitor who could end up with a lot of business if Lee wound up on the losing side.

Becky turns out to be an amazing artist, but not of pictures, of engineering things. Such as bridges and buildings. I could so see this young lady being a help in the community, drawing sketches and diagrams for buildings. She tells Elizabeth that she used to do things like this with her father, who worked on the Queensland Bridge. They were going to make a model and Elizabeth comes up with the brilliant plan that she can do one for the science fair, she might even win a scholarship.

Now, I want to talk about something that I find quite interesting. Everyone got all worried about Faith and what her friendship with Jack could do to the relationship he has with Elizabeth. Well, we have someone who has snuck in under some of our noses! Elizabeth's next door neighbor, Wade, has been turning up now and then in the last few episodes. And it all seemed innocent at first. But he is again seen inside her house, helping her repair the stairs.

He appears worried about his job and I believe she is innocent but I am wondering if there is a bit of infatuation going on? Or even some flirting from his end. It isn't the teasing manner of flirting that Jack deals in, but rather always being there when she needs help.

Needless to say, when Jack comes to her door, the look of surprise on his face reminds me of last episode with Elizabeth walking in on Jack and Faith. I can only hope that he just might realize what his relationship with Faith is doing to Elizabeth? And when he uses almost the same exact words that Elizabeth used on him? Hopefully at this point they realize the situations are the same and their relationship will be better because of it. The look on Jack's face is like he is in control, just like when Elizabeth walked in on him and Faith. Their talk turns to the mill and the settlement, including Edith and Oliver but ends in a completely romantic scene as shown below.

There is a very touching scene between Abigail and young Becky. She feels that nobody will want her in the wheelchair and is positive that Abigail wants Cody to stay, but not her. How does Abigail always know the right words to say? Oh yeah, a script! But seriously, she is always full of wisdom to impart when it is needed. "You are in my heart, and that is where families are born." You all might want to have the tissues handy for this part.

If you will remember the movie company I mentioned above coming to town, Rosemary comes up on Mr Tobias Pope in the middle of the street and asks him for an audition. But to her dismay, she is informed that all the parts have been cast!! Unless she wants to be a maid for the lead actress? But not in the play, only as a servant.

Imagine Rosie's surprise when she turns around to find Hickam with a script in hand! She is shocked to realize that Mary Dunbar and Molly Sullivan are also cast in the movie. This woman who is the center of everything that moves is suddenly appalled to realize that the movie will be made without her in it.

Bill and Jack are out investigating a competitor who might be behind the sabotage at the mill. But  when he tells them his side of the story, they find out that Gowen came to him a couple months back and asked him to team up to buy Lee out. Gowen didn't strike him as a man he could trust and since Lee had helped him out a couple times, he refused. Jack tells Bill that it sounds like Lee's hunch might have been right about Gowen, but Bill reminds him that they need evidence. Which is almost backwards for these two since Bill is normally the one who wants to rush into something and Jack is the one holding him back on the right side of the law.

Becky is doing well since arriving back in Hope Valley, but we see the difficulties that she is still facing. The wheelchair is there because she doesn't want to walk, not because she can't. Elizabeth and Abigail both try encouraging her to walk, but she refuses to take a step out of the chair. Even at school she won't get out.

Jack goes to the mines, trying to find Roy Sampson, Edith's husband. And while he does succeed in finding him, the young man wants no family. He looks barely out of his teens and while he shows compassion about his wife, he tells Jack he is busy and you get the idea he married young without any thought of taking care of a family. And though Jack gets through to him somewhat, it doesn't really change his outlook. He leaves money with Jack but will not agree to see his wife, or young Oliver. Jack doesn't let him leave without a serious word of wisdom. "We know it isn't about the money, it is about doing the right thing and being a man."

Elizabeth is such a great teacher and we see this in the next scene with little miss Opal. She doesn't like science and someone told her that science wasn't for girls. When Elizabeth asks her what she likes, she says Brownie. And this is where a brilliant teacher talks about zoology! Leading Opal to say, "I am going to like science a lot!"

Bill is on his own little thing again and while sitting at a table with Mr Coulter, he tells Lee that it appears Gowen was trying to buy him out. Lee says he shouldn't be surprised but what comes next just might surprise him a bit. Bill saying he is suddenly in the mood for a game of poker. This leaves Lee with the only frown I think I have ever seen on his face! Definitely a change of direction there.

Of course, when Rosie enters a moment later, she tells him he looks as bad as she feels. But leave it to Lee to turn things around! "Leland Coulter, you are the most clever man I know."

And now enters another person who has been the cause of much disturbance in the past. Gowen meets the stage, helping a woman alight who has ties to two men in town, Nora. She has been away at her fathers and has come back to Hope Valley.

Gowen is eager to see her, giving her a kiss on the cheek. And I am sure we all can guess who happens to see the exchange.

I feel so bad for Bill. It is like anything he has or shows an interest in, Gowen has to go after it. Whether it be Nora or Abigail, he has to keep them from Bill.

We also get to see our Mountie striding through town, walking beside Elizabeth, in his red serge. Plenty of red in this episode you all! Wade Barrett waves to them from the steps and Jack starts to get a bit jealous.

We have seen how Elizabeth responds when a woman is showing interest in Jack, well I think the stakes have been turned around this time. Jack is watching while another man shows interest in Elizabeth. And maybe it is all innocent, but it might be good for Jack:)

He says that Wade Barrett is everywhere these days and she tells him that he is a nice man, she might even include him in her book as a character! I think part of this might be teasing, but Jack comes back with, "every heroine needs an annoying neighbor." She replies that he is just being solicitous and he comes back with another retort.

Needless to say, he doesn't appear happy. But when he looks over to the jail steps, the older gentleman who is selling the property is standing there waiting for him. So he has to go, only making Elizabeth curious when he tells her it is private. Oh, and for our fans of Rip, here he is laying before the fire in the jail.

Jack, as many of you guessed, is interested in the property. But he finds out that the other fella interested in the land is ready to make an offer. The funny thing is, while he is talking to Mr Besser, Jack looks over and sees this face peering in the window. Yep! Elizabeth is trying to find out what is so mysterious!

Until this happens:)

Rosie is on to her plan that Lee still has no clue how he helped her with. She rushes into the saloon where Mr Pope is looking through scripts and starts imploring him to give her a chance. I mean a very heartfelt begging that has him drawing from the depths to give her a part. It just might be from despair though if she doesn't be quiet and learn her part.

I want to hit on one more thing before I wrap up my review. Gowen and Nora are seen at the top of a hill, which turns out to be the same spot that Jack is looking at buying. They are having a picnic and I think we just might see Gowen softening a bit. I know it has appeared that way before but in this little scene, Nora tells him that Dottie is allowing her to stay with her for as long as she would like, now that the divorce from Bill is final.

She asks why he has brought her up here and he tells her that Clem Besser is selling this property and he is thinking of buying it. The look on her face is quite interesting, like she isn't sure where he is going with the statement. And what about his place in town? His reply is, "I figure I'm about ready to move on to the next chapter of my life. What about you?" Could we possibly see a different side of Gowen? Or, what happens if both Jack and Gowen try to purchase the same property and only one will win? This could get ugly or it could be a turning point for Gowen.

There are more parts in the episode but I don't want to give it all away. I feel like I have been writing this for hours to get it just right:) There are times of laughter, a time for tears, and even a couple times of romance. We see the good in people and sometimes the bad. But everyone is given a second chance in Hope Valley, and many times an encouraging word and helping hand along the way. There will be the arrival of many new characters, some of which may tear apart those who we love. One last picture for you all to ponder til Sunday. This man below could be a turning point for Rosemary, but hopefully not trouble!

**DISCLOSURE: I was given a free product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given, and all thoughts are 100% mine. Please read my full disclosure policy HERE.**

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