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When Calls the Heart: Heart of a Hero #Hearties SPOILER!!!

Hey everyone! My apologies on getting this out later than normal. My brother graduated from AIT and we took a couple days to spend together with him before his graduation. So, I am back now and on schedule. This episode of When Calls the Heart is a touching one. Don't get me wrong, I think they all have been super this season. The producers and writers have gone above and beyond with upping the plots, keeping the viewers anticipating every single moment in the episodes, as well as drawing the characters ever closer to our hearts. These people are like family and we love to see what will happen next, we cheer when certain events occur and boo at the screen when other things happen:) With the title of Heart of a Hero, this one is an excellent installment. So, ready for the ride? As always, if you do not want to know anything of what is happening this Sunday, please do not continue to read. I give hints, spoilers and my thoughts of the episode. For those who like to know what is coming, enjoy!!

*********************************************************************************SPOILER ALERT!!!! 


Okay, all clear? This episode opens with Elizabeth telling about why she loves Hope Valley and turns to her and Abigail chatting in the cafe about Frank. Abigail isn't sure she wants to get involved with someone who has the past he does. We also see Bill heading off to see the widow who was left behind after Garrison killed her husband, who just happened to be Bill's partner. Jack warns him to be careful since he doesn't know exactly where Garrison is holed up right now. And then cue the wonderful When Calls the Heart music we all love :)

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I am really loving how much the children are involved this year but can I just say, little girls can be so hurtful without even realizing it? Elizabeth informs the children there will be a spelling contest. Not a spelling bee mind you, but a challenge where they will be competing against themselves. For those who get all the words correctly, they will receive a diploma. Of course, even our schools back then had some bullying. A young lady walks over to Cody and gives him some grief over Abigail not being his real mother so she can't love him like her mother does. The look on his face was so filled with angst. This young man is an amazing and talented actor! The expressions he makes are worthy of an award for sure! At this moment though Elizabeth's next door neighbor, Wade, rushes in to let Elizabeth know there has been an accident at the mill and Mr Coulter has been injured.

And now comes some fun parts with Lee and Rosie. These two really have become one of my favorite couples, if not my favorite. We do get to see Mountie Jack in his famous red serge ;) Jack has stopped the bleeding in Lee's foot, but informs him that he should stay in town at the hotel. Rosie rushes in to rescue her prince and they are just hilarious together! Her bossy manners while he is in bed?? I was just laughing at the two of them!  Believe me, you will totally enjoy the parts between them.

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Jesse is getting caught between a rock and a hard place. You almost get the idea he wants to just move on to another job, but Garrison is definitely threatening him. Not quite, but I almost felt bad for him. He has looked up to Frank and doesn't understand the change that has come over him.

Bill travels to find the widow Benson but when he arrives, the daughter Lucy informs him that her mother passed away. She seems like a very sweet young lady and offers him some refreshment. There is a little one-on-one here where Bill is able to give her some closure over what happened.

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Frank and Abigail are definitely getting cozier. She comes to the school to pick up Cody and Frank challenges her to a game of darts that evening. We see some trepidation cross her face and her hesitation gives Frank pause. Then you see her strength of character as she agrees to meet him. Abigail is having some trouble with Cody as he becomes almost clingy, wanting her to do everything for him, not leave him, etc. Which stems from the little girls comment at the beginning of the show. This causes some problems later on as well as he doesn't want to go to Elizabeth's house while Abigail goes out with Frank. I understand why he is having his doubts, but I also wanted to give him a good talking to!

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And now comes a part that has had everyone up in arms. We have had little tidbit sneaks but the arrival of this person into Hope Valley has brought a lot of anxiety. Gowen and Jack are walking along the boardwalk discussing the infirmary, why the mayor doesn't want it open, etc. The stagecoach arrives and as a young lady descends, Jack steps forward to help her down. Anyone have an idea yet who it is??? If you guessed Faith Carter, the nurse who assists in Tom's healing, you are absolutely right!! They are both surprised, Faith even going so far as to give him a hug, and Jack questions her as to why she is in town. Faith is the nurse sent to aid Lee. Wonder who else might be a bit jealous here? ;D Faith is now engaged to a man in Union City and eagerly asks if Elizabeth and Jack are engaged. He reassures her that while they are not engaged, things have been worked out.

Cutting screen to Rosie and Lee and another fun part coming ahead:) Rosie is trying to force Lee to eat, while he isn't hungry. So when Jack and Faith walk in, you see Rosie instantly turn green, even overstepping her bounds with Faith. But I think Faith handles herself beautifully and just might get a laugh or two from Lee while doing it.

Elizabeth and Faith finally meet in Mr Yost's general store. This part was pulled off really great. The actresses are both surprised, but Faith has the advantage of knowing who Elizabeth is (not in person but from talking to Jack) and Elizabeth had no idea that she was in town since Jack didn't inform her of this. They are not catty but when Elizabeth finds out that Faith has a fiance, you see the relief on her face. The funny thing with Faith coming to town and maybe causing problems between Jack and Elizabeth, is that Jack almost gets jealous over Wade hanging up a picture in Elizabeth's house. This leads to a very romantic scene of Jack convincing Elizabeth that he had nothing to do with Faith coming to Hope Valley.

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Now, while I personally love Abigail and Bill together, there are some cute/romantic parts between her and Frank in this episode, including one of playing darts in the saloon. Lets just say that Frank finds himself being had? I loved this part of the episode! Of course, when they walk home, Frank turns all romantic stealing a kiss, their first:) But the mood is squelched a bit when Abigail enters the cafe and Bill gets all protective of her. Even going so far as to say that she doesn't know what is good for her. And then he gets on Frank's case, telling him to back off for Abigail's safety. Yes, I see where he is coming from, especially after someone sends a rock through her front window, but I also know Abigail's strength and she will not be backing down for anything!

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I don't want to give everything away, but let me get to at least one other part for this episode. Jesse has been somewhat on the fence, but as we see Clara walking home one evening, he catches her off guard and pulls her around the corner of a building. You guessed it, Jesse has decided to do the right thing. Because of his respect for Frank, he lets Clara know that the gang is going to be pulling off a job and that they want Frank. So, when the scene cuts to Frank in the church, we all know that Garrison is going after him. But what I didn't expect was Garrison to threaten Abigail and for Frank to give in, walking with the outlaw ad his cohorts outside. But, can anyone guess who happens to be waiting outside for them? Jack, Bill and Jesse! A fight ensues and while our strong gentlemen of Hope Valley can defeat them, one of the outlaws gains the upper hand and turns to shoot Frank. At this point someone puts their life on the line for Frank, stepping in the way of the bullet. Jesse has definitely earned some respect from me. And of course, Bill ends up in a stare down with Garrison, almost shooting him, though Jack steps in and reminds Bill of the consequences if he kills him.

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There are some really great scenes in this episode, including some between Abigail and Frank, Jack and Elizabeth, Rosie and Lee, but also many others. We see steps being made to bring people together and yet some people who are together are brought even closer, such as Abigail and Cody. The developments that arise between Jack, Elizabeth, Faith and Wade are intriguing and I can't wait to see how they play out. Be forewarned though, while I think Jack is playing things straight, I am not sure what will develop with Faith being in town. Believe me, this is well worth the time of watching. And again, totally family friendly! You can't beat it:)

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