Monday, August 22, 2016

Tips on How to Save With Groupon #Save #Deals #Money

This post has been sponsored by Groupon, but all thoughts are 100% mine and completely unbiased. 

You all remember the company I was telling you about last week that is great to use when you want to save money? Well, I am back to tell you more about the well-known site, Groupon, as well as some of the ways I keep on top of saving with them.

Groupon is an amazing site. Not only do they have coupons, but you can search or browse by type, and they are all in one area. Forget having to go online and search a bunch of different sites for say, restaurant deals. Or bathroom toiletries. That is just part of the reason I love them so much. I can go on, type in what I am looking for, and they pull up tons of deals. And believe me, this is not just a small selection of non-relevant items. I have been on sites like that, and I don't like them. With Groupon Goods, I can find a variety of results that are applicable to what I am trying to find. Now, check out my tips below on how you can find the best deals, and exactly what you are looking for.

First off, you have to sign up! You can't save without being a member. It is absolutely free and you can get specific emails for your area. Those emails definitely come in handy, as sometimes there are deals that are only available to those who received the email. I have had it happen before where a friend got an email with a great deal in it, but because of the area, I didn't get that deal. But, I also want to say, check out the site, even when you don't get an email!! Many times they have a deal go live early in the day but you don't get the email til later. Don't want to miss out by waiting for that message :)

Second, when you search, be sure to use a phrase or word that is not specific. Here is what I am saying. Instead of searching for shampoo, try beauty or spa. It allows their search to pull many results. And sometimes you might find something that you weren't specifically looking for, but will pertain to that item. You can browse the goods, but I prefer to search by a word.

Again, these tips aren't overly major, you can definitely save money any way you use the site, but I have found these to help me find what I need. Be sure to stop by Groupon and check out the deals in your area!

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