Friday, November 18, 2016

The Remnant End Times Fiction #Review

The Remnant (Plain Truth Ministries, August 2016)

In the year 2069 the Apocalypse came and went, but Jesus didn't show up, as some expected.

Instead, a cataclysmic war, natural disasters and pandemics eradicated 90 percent of earth's population. Now, in 2131, a totalitarian government rules the world from the majestic, opulent capitol of Carthage, Tunisia. Blamed for igniting the war, religion and religious books are banned. Citizens who will not renounce their religion are sent to work camps.

Grant Cochrin, imprisoned in a bleak petroleum camp in what was once North Dakota, leads his family and friends to escape and embark on a long, dangerous quest for a Christian community. Their resource in this journey? A cherished page torn from the now banished Bible---a remnant of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount handed down from Grant's grandparents. 

What if there were an Apocalypse and Jesus didn't return? What if the survivors found themselves living in a world ruled by a totalitarian government, where religion is forbidden and all religious texts have been destroyed?

In The Remnant, award-winning author Monte Wolverton tells the tale of a band of concentration camp escapees who trek through the lawless American wilderness on a quest for authentic Christianity, only to come face to face with an unthinkable dilemma. The Remnant is a fast-paced story punctuated with dry satire, memorable characters and hard questions about religious institutions.

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MY REVIEW- When it comes to books on the end times, I have a hard time with many of them. Some are just not interesting enough to hold my attention, while others are not sound as far as doctrine. I tend to give more leeway with fiction stories, as they are just that, fiction. So my interest was piqued by yet another End Times novel and I couldn't wait to see how it was.

This actually ended up being interesting, after you get past the first couple chapters. It kind of starts out slow, but does build up speed. And while it does deal with end times, it is also a Dystopian story, making it a little different. I think it showed to a great degree, what our world is like, and what it will very well end up being like. My dad actually picked it up and started reading the story and he said he enjoyed it. I think for me it was okay, but definitely not a favorite. I do believe my father might end up with it :)

**DISCLOSURE: I was given a free product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given, and all thoughts are 100% mine. Please read my full disclosure policy HERE.**

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