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When Calls the Heart Christmas 2016 Preview #Hearties

Yikes! It is so hard to believe that the year is almost over, and another season of When Calls the Heart is coming up quickly. But, before that happens, we have the joy of watching, When Calls the Heart Christmas!!! This is such an amazing hour and a half long program!! I am going to give you a teaser preview of it, not giving away everything, but it will definitely pique your interest in seeing this delightfully heartwarming installment.


When a train derails and delays the arrival of much needed food, supplies and presents, Christmas in the settlement town of Hope Valley is in jeopardy. With the help of a mysterious visitor, a simple peddler who has a knack for helping people find what they need, Jack, Elizabeth and Abigail rally the town residents to come together in the true spirit of kindness and giving, proving that Christmas really is the season for miracles.


For those of you who are avid fans, the wait between one season to the next is almost unbearable. But Hallmark knows how to keep us sitting on the edge of our seat, by bringing us a spectacular episode known as When Calls the Heart Christmas. It is a vivid call to the season, and it pulls at the heartstrings with the people from the settlement who are without homes, Lee and Rosemary are still on their honeymoon, and many of the townspeople aren't sure what will happen with Nora and Henry Gowen. Well, I am going to be able to put some things to rest, but hopefully, I can also stir up some excitement for this upcoming installment as well.

The town is buzzing with the joy of the season, decorations are in view everywhere, and Elizabeth is busy with the Christmas party plans. Since Mrs Coulter (going to take a bit getting used to that) is gone, it is up to her to forage ahead with the festivities. She is flitting from one place to the next, overseeing Mr Avery in putting up the town tree, checking in with Jack on the buildings for the settlers from the river, and planning a banquet that will make everyone proud! And yes, Florence is her normal sunshiny self who is skeptical on whether Elizabeth can pull everything off :)

The arrival of Mr and Mrs Coulter on the stage marks the start of some very funny parts with these happy newlyweds. Boy are they a hoot and watching them spar together is so refreshing. From Rosemary calling Lee her honey bunny?? to searching for the present he bought for her, they are really one of my favorite couples on this show. And take a guess at where they end up staying til the new house is built? Gonna keep that one a secret for you all to find out :)

The settlers are given the opportunity to move in with members of Hope Valley, while Jack is busy renovating the other houses for them. While some have excitement, others are more hesitant, especially those who have lost so much. This episode really tugs at the heart strings and we see it with those who are starting over in a manner of speaking, and in those who lost more than just their belongings. Such a one is Nancy and Harper, who lost a husband and father.

As you grieve with these people it is an aspect of the show that comes shining through. It is more than just a romance between Jack and Elizabeth, or a historical show. It has become about the families, their ups and downs, and the perseverance that brings them through their struggles. After all, it is Hope Valley!

As you see from the picture above, nurse Faith Carter is present and there were some surprising moments showcasing her. I have to admit, after all the trouble she caused last season, I kind of like how she is turning things around. Spunky, pretty and on the lookout for a Mountie ;) And no, it isn't Elizabeth's mountie she is after.

I love how much the children are featured in this episode. For a while it seemed like we only saw them for a couple minutes, but they are back and in front for this one. Ruby, Maggie, Cody, Harper and all the other youngsters are so sweet, striving to be chosen for the nativity play.

Maybe it is just me, but in this Christmas themed episode, Bill Avery is somewhat grumpy. Maybe he is supposed to be the "scrooge" style character, though he does end up having more cheer at the end. His little comments and quips about Christmas had me smiling, and the frowns he displays so readily turned my frown upside down!

Jack and Elizabeth have some really sweet scenes together and one of them includes going to find the perfect Christmas tree where they stumble upon Mr Bailey, a peddler passing through on his way to Union City. Now to me, this gentle soul appears to be a throwback to It's A Wonderful Life, angel wisdom and all :)

Lee arrives home to find his domicile decked out in all the Christmas finery that Rosemary can put in it, though she says she isn't quite finished. They really are a cute couple and the marriage seems to agree with them. Except for when Lee is hiding something and Rosemary wants to go searching! It is her present after all, right??

Now, for all the fans who want to see Abigail with a certain someone... This episode is not so encouraging. In fact, it almost makes things very muddled!

Including a long romantic kiss with Frank... 

Many long eye-catching moments with Bill.....

And even a surprise moment of shock with Henry Gowen!!

You take your pick here all!

I would be remiss if I didn't leave you with a cliffhanger. Jack and Elizabeth have a super sweet moment where he bends on one knee and asks a certain question. This is a total suspense moment here!!

I am not going to spoil it with any answers as to what happens, but you are going to love it. This episode is full of so much more than I have given you, but it is a glimpse into what is in store. There are tender moments, times where people doubt and question themselves, and yet through it all shines the light of hope, of Christmas cheer and love for each other. I get so much pleasure out of viewing these episodes, a moment of joy for the week!

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Kristie said...

I have never seen this show. I have heard good things. I didn't read your entire post because I don't want spoilers. Thanks for sharing! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you. Merry Christmas!

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