Friday, September 1, 2017

Legacy Shave Evolution Brush & Razor #Review #Shave

Well, a very breezy and windy day here today, but thankfully the rain has abated for now. Will have to see how long that lasts but happy for what we have. Today I want to introduce a company, mainly for the menfolk, but also applicable for the ladies. Legacy Shave is a brand you will all be wanting to check out, believe me.

Legacy Shave is known for their Evolution Brush, and when I first saw this, I knew I was going to love it. After all, how many of you have trouble trying to get the shaving cream spread out evenly? Hands raised all over right? Whether you are a man or woman, shaving cream can be one of the best things, or one of the worst. But not any more with the evolution brush. This attaches to your can of shaving cream, or shaving gel, and it allows you to use it just like normal, but the brush automatically distributes the cream and allows for a better shaving experience!

For the men, this really aids in removing your beard. It is perfect to help mix the gel or cream right into the hair, and I found, while using it on my legs, that it really helps you to use less product. Because it spreads it better than my hand, I was able to use a smaller amount than I normally would. So I am assuming it would be the same way for the guys.

Now for the razor, I received the Legacy Shave 5 Blade Razor for a friend. He said that compared to the razor he was previously using, this one was quite a bit heavier, and a much better quality. Which after feeling both razors in my hand? A definite difference. After using it for a bit, he is very impressed with the quality of it, the swivel capabilities and the nice close shave it gives.

Everyone remember, the holidays are quickly approaching. And what better gift than something practical like this that would make their day. Be sure to check out Legacy Shave and browse their shop, purchase for the holidays and enjoy the look on your guy's face when they see this.

**DISCLOSURE: I was given a free product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given, and all thoughts are 100% mine. Please read my full disclosure policy HERE.**


Keerthi said...
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Keerthi said...

It's really cool product and i am going to recommend to my friends. Thanks for sharing this post buddy...! :)

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