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Interview With Linda Windsor!!

Today I have an interview with Linda Windsor. No giveaway I am afraid but please still read it:)

Thank you for being with us today, Linda!

How long have you known you wanted to be an author?
I wanted to be an elementary school teacher. That is what my degree is. And I’ve always been a history nut. Then I read Kathleen Woodweiss’ books and my mind started churning out what-ifs until I decided to try and write a historical romance. That was in the late seventies. But with other priorities, like being a single working mom, I stalled until the late eighties. My first book was published in February 1990.

Can you tell me a little bit about your newest book?

HEALER is book one of the Brides of Alba trilogy, Alba being an early name for Scotland. And this is Arthurian Scotland—and King Arthur, for that matter—as never seen before. The series focuses on three brothers, their respective brides, and how love and faith grow to enable them to survive those trying times of the Saxon invasion and the church's desperate measures to ensure the survival of Christianity. These measures include matchmaking men and women from the Davidic bloodline passed on by royal Irish and the apostolic bloodlines established in Britain by the first century family and followers of Christ.

The historic Arthur in HEALER, one of at least two arthurs (a title) and definitely the last one, is a product of such matchmaking. So is the merlin (another title) Merlin Emrys, who in this case is a documented Celtic Christian bishop and druidic scientist. In fact most of the Arthurian figures were bred and raised by the Grail Church to become warriors, kings and queens of Britain to ensure the Grail Church's survival. Brenna and Ronan's conflict is a result of that matchmaking gone wrong.

Forced to live most of her twenty years in hiding from both her own clan and the clan who murdered her family, Brenna of Gowys wonders how she can possibly fulfill her mother’s prophecy that the Gowys seed will divide the enemy O’Byrne’s house and bring about a peace beyond his wicked ken. Brenna’s clan remnant would have her lead them to certain death against the stronger O’Byrnes. But Brenna is a healer, not a warrior. Nor is she the shape-changing wolf-woman of the hills as she’s rumored to be by the superstitious clans; although she does have a gift with wild animals, including her pet wolf Faol.
So when Brenna witnesses the ambush and attempted murder of a warrior during the annual O’Byrne hunt to find the wolf-woman, she does what she’s called to do. She brings him into her mountain hideaway to heal him, even if he could be her enemy. All she knows is that he is not just wounded in body, but in spirit; that he’d been there as a frightened child when her family had been slain; and that she has seen a future with him. But is her faith strong enough to follow the vision, no matter where it leads?

When a reader gets done with your book, what do you want them to come away with?
Besides the satisfaction of a few hours entertainment, I hope they learned a little something too about the early Christian faith and how it conquered barbarians with love
when Rome’s sword could not; and that the wisdom in the Word that applied in the Dark Ages, applies just as much today.

Is there a place you have always wanted to visit? A vacation spot, historical monument, overseas, etc?
It used to Ireland, but I had the good fortune to make that dream come true. So now, it’s Scotland/England/Wales.

If you could have dinner with 2 people, who would they be?
Okay, I’m stumped. I’m going to bail out of this one and choose my grandchildren.

What one event would you love to be at? Historical or future?
Historically, here in America on V-Day, the day World War II ended.

Do you have a favorite hobby?

I play guitar, keyboard and sing. My late hubby and I had a professional band for ten great years. So I love sitting around the kitchen table, jamming and singing with fellow musicians.

Is there something about you most people wouldn't know?

I’m an introvert. But I’ve masked it so well for so, no one would ever guess. Becoming published and all those years on stage forced me into the spotlight. I coped using comic relief. God gave me a wacky sense of humor as evidenced in my romantic comedies and that has been my salvation both in and out of bouts with biological/chemical depression.

Do you have any suggestions for the aspiring writer?
In addition to reading all kinds of fiction, not just your genre, expect rejection and learn from it. Rejections are a refining process in our careers. Growth pains. Gather any helpful advice from them and let them go. It doesn’t mean you can be bummed. That’s natural. But it’s taking that lemon and turning it to lemonade that will keep you going. I always joke that someday I’ll do a keynote speech on how I failed my way to success. And my rejections were like footprints in the sand. Seeing them told me that at least I was moving toward my goal. No footprints? No progress.

Any last thoughts for your readers?

HEALER has been a challenge for me. Aside from an engaging romantic adventure, I’ve tried to provoke thought and provide insight into how our early church fathers witnessed to pagan cultures (substitute New Age for today), not with judgment, but with love; and how they built on the beliefs the two had in common, exchanging knowledge. This is the approach I used in sharing my research into this era with my daughter who’d left the faith for Wicca (white witchcraft) after being stalked and assaulted in college. Since she came back to God, this has become of passion of mine—reaching out to unbelievers with science and history that eventually lead to Christ.

And how can they connect with you? Please drop by my website at for a sneak peak at HEALER and all my other books. Sign up for my contest and my Umpthly Newsletter. (umpthly-a Windsorism meaning, not on a regular basis, only when I have something to say.) Oh, and please check out HEALER’s book trailer at

Guys, like I said, I hope you read this interview. I think it has some very vital information in it that we need to remember as Christians.

Thank you so much, Linda!!


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Charity, I'd be delighted to send a book to a lucky winner.
Linda Windsor

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interesting review/interview
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I just watched the trailer and now i want to read The Healer even more!!
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