Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My CSN Review Part 1

I posted earlier about an upcoming review with CSN. Well, the products came in last week and I have been trying them out:) I can't wait to show you what they are!! I am going to be doing 2 parts though because I got 2 items. So part 2 will be tomorrow:)
The first item I am going to share with you is my sandals. I am not much of a sandal wearing person. I am more of a paddock boot or sneaker person:) But when I saw these sandals, I knew I had to choose them as one of my products!! These looked really comfortable and they looked stylish as well. I mean, every girl has to be stylish:)

The sandals have a little bit more of a heel than I am accustomed to but not bad at all. It might take me a little bit to get used to them, which is why I have been wearing them off and on the past few days. The first time I put them on, it kind of threw me off:) I also like that when I put them on, it makes me taller than my sister!! She is younger than me, but taller. Go figure:)
I have to say, the sandals are very cute and comfortable. If you are looking for some stylish shoes that you won't be spending a fortune for, please look into buying a pair of these. And head over to CSN when you get the chance and look around. You will be amazed at what you find!!


Bobbie said...

I LOVE CSN! I had NO idea they had shoes... Oh man, I am in trouble!! - OneScrappyMom (http://onescrappymom.com)

Pam said...

I love CSN too. I just wish I could win tons of giveaways and refurnish my kitchen. The sandals are lovely.

Unknown said...

Love CSN! I could spend all day looking around all of their stores.

Shoes, too? I think they literally have everything! Thanks for the heads up!

Unknown said...

I Love CSN too! I'm always amazed at the things I find there...like I had no idea I could buy shoes!

I also wanted to thank you for the Tyson Chicken giveaway that I won...can't wait to try them out! Thanks!

Katie said...


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