Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Favorite Peeps Moment!

Well, I didn't think Social Moms ever did two opportunities in one day, but I was wrong!! They have another one today as well where they are working with..Peeps! You know, those nice marshmallow chicks? The ones that kids love to get all over their hands and mash into the seats:) Yep, those are the ones. And this opportunity is about your favorite Peeps moment. I have to tell you, I don't know if I have an absolute favorite Peeps moment. I do eat them but I haven't really had a moment where they did something special. So I will tell you about why I like to eat them and a couple times I remember having them!

You have to admit, they are really cute:) These little yellow marshmallow chicks, or any other pastel color if you can find them, or better yet, the chocolate dipped ones? YUM!! Who can resist chocolate and marshmallow! Definitely not me:) So long as I have it over a spaced out amount of time and not all right at once. But anyways, I think part of their appeal is the cuteness of them. Of course then you have children who don't want to eat the little head off of the poor chick. Let's not even go there:)

One problem I have with them is that they are only available at certain times in our area. They are hard to find and you can't really stock up on them! But I guess when the kids eat them all up in a couple days who cares, right? With a certain holiday being right around the corner it is the perfect time to get stocked up on them. And you know, the kids will turn to their fun games of eating the heads of the poor defenseless chicks and mother's will be cleaning the furniture extra good but that is all part of the fun:) Where would you be without them? What child could live without eating a lavender marshmallow chick and where would the husbands be without their traditional chocolate covered marshmallow chick? I guess the whole point is the tradition of eating Peeps:) The fun and thrill, that wonderful taste in your mouth as it is stuffed full of fluff. Nothing like it in the world.

So, you tell me. What id your favorite way to eat Peeps? Do you eat them or are you one of the bereaved ones who has foregone the wonderful pleasure of eating marshmallow chicks? Or maybe you have never heard of them before? Well, this is your time to head to the store and get your Peeps stocked up. And if this is your first time, enjoy!! And if you have never tasted a Peeps before, you have to leave a comment letting me know:)

READERS-Here is a special code given from Social Moms for buying your Peeps online. Bet you didn't know you could purchase them online either, did ya? Yep, check them out while you're at it:) You will be glad you did. They have lots of wonderful candy as well as really cute pillows and apparel.
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