Saturday, April 27, 2013

What A Week!!

The weather has turned rainy again here but at least it is better than the snow. I think if we had more snow I would have to scream. Not really but in all honesty, I was definitely getting tired of it. I love being able to get out and exercise, work in the garden and take a ride on the bike but with the snow there was no way of doing that. Now I can't wait to get started again. Have any of you ever been to a naturopathic clinic? I have never been to one but I was looking for ways to help with weight loss over the winter and found out that these clinics can help people in losing weight or maintaining your weight. I had no idea!! Naturopathic doctors also help in a lot of other ways and I personally like it because it is natural. Never would have guessed that from the name, huh? Well, they have a whole list of conditions and ways that these can be helped by naturopathic doctors. Check it out when you get the time!

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