Friday, September 24, 2010

Help A New Book Blogger Get Started.

Hey all you book bloggers out there. I have a friend who I met through email and I would like to get her some help in building her blog up. Edna is trying to get more people reading her blog so she can get more interviews, book reviews and giveaways for you readers. All you book readers know what I am talking about:) It always helps to get more readers so the authors feel more comfortable about the time they spend in doing an interview and giveaway. So, I would like you all to read the little piece I have below about Edna and then head over to her blog and become friends. And I tell you what, if you go over and become a follower through GFC, I will give you two extra entries on my giveaways. That is right!! I really don't think you all need the extra incentive to do it because I know you all are friendly people and want to help others get started as well, but I know you all try hard and helped me out when I was starting. So please, take the time and friend Edna and maybe enter her giveaway she has running right now. Thanks you all!!

"I am a retired great-grandmother and have raised three sons and one daughter. My husband and I live alone now and I am an inside person. He is always outside so I guess maybe that is how we will celebrate our 50th anniversary in March 2010. I have always loved to read, sew, crafts (anything) and I used to play the organ and sometimes the piano at church. My back has stopped that, I am a Christian and of the Baptist faith. But most of all I believe in is my Savior Jesus Christ. I have so many favorite authors that it is hard to name, but just a few, S. Dionne Moore. Laura Frantz, Lisa Harris, Kathi Macias, Mary Connealy, all the Amish writers etc. I love them all, I just love books and I am not into the e-book thing, I love to look at my books and to hold them and see them fill up my book shelves. I am a reader not a writer, wish I was."

Edna's blog is My Favorite Things. She has done a real good job about getting a nice look and feel to her blog. Please head over there right now:) Thanks you all!

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