Monday, May 11, 2015

Heroes of the City Review + Upcoming Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Been a busy weekend here and just now catching up on things. Had friends visiting and with the holiday some stuff got pushed to the back. But this review here for Heroes of the City is one I was excited to tell you all about. And the upcoming giveaway will be later this week:) Don't forget to come back and check it out!

Did you know there is a Youtube channel for Heroes of the City?  I knew that there was a program called Heroes of the City and that it was a fun show about fire trucks and police cars, basically our heroes. But when I actually saw their channel on Youtube, I knew that this program was so much more than that. Talk about a fun place where your children can watch episode after episode of fun cartoons and talking cars with no need to worry about what they are viewing! I loved being able to preview some of these and actually found my foot tapping to the music and enjoying the episodes.

These are animated and supposed to be for pre-school ages but I know that even older ages might enjoy them. On their channel you can view non-stop episodes or watch music videos, pick which season you want to see, and so on. Believe me, the kids and grandchildren will love this.

Heroes of the City are an animated TV-series for preschool children about rescue vehicles in a small town where everybody gets to be a hero! The TV-series contains a lot of warmth and teaches the importance of friendship and what we can achieve by helping each other.

On the city's heroes YouTube Channel you will find 6 hours of entertainment for the younger children. The videos are high quality and are suitable for children 2-6 years. The YouTube channel is available in 18 different languages.

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Maycees Momma said...

My Daughter loves their videos!!!!! I am so glad We had chance to watch them.

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