Thursday, July 23, 2015

Susan Sleeman Pens Another Thriller! @susansleeman

Will he help find her sister’s killer . . . or lead the killer to her door?

When FBI Agent Kaitlyn Knight discovers her brother-in-law is Vyper—the notorious cyber-criminal and murderer wanted by the FBI—Kait doesn’t question her duty to arrest him. But when he murders her sister in front of her, leaving her infant niece motherless, Kait vows to hunt him down and bring him to justice while raising the baby.

Three years later, and not even a whisper of a lead in her search, Kait is about to give up hope of ever finding Vyper. All of that changes when he goes on a murderous spree taunting Kait with clues that she and homicide detective Sam Murdock must solve before her devious brother-in-law takes another life. 

As the body count rises, Sam discovers the killing spree is really about striking back at Kait. He must put everything on the line—including the relationship he’s developed with Kait—to ensure her safety. The killer is waiting, watching her every move—and he won’t stop until he’s exacted his revenge and reclaims his rights to raise his daughter.

Susan Sleeman has done it again!! She has got to be one of my top three suspense writers and Web of Deceit just goes to show how well she can write. This novel, first in her Agents Under Fire series, takes you inside the office of the FBI and introduces you to the work they do. This is a fast paced thriller that I found myself reading at all hours of the day, just hoping it would never end. Needless to say, I felt like I had stepped into a script for CSI Cyber:)

The heroine, and yes she has the moral courage and strength to be a heroine, would be FBI agent Kaitlyn Knight known as Kait to her friends. When her brother-in-law shoots her sister in front of her, Kait vows to track him down if it is the last thing she does. It is made a little bit harder with being guardian over her niece but when Fenton(Vyper) shows up again, Kait dives in head first. Or rather, heart first. She has a hard time looking at it without her heart playing into the equation, understandably so, but not good when this guy is engaging in games at the expense of peoples lives. Thankfully she has detective Sam Murdoch to look after her. But even he can't control everything in her life. Sam is a great guy but I wish he had been more forthcoming with Kait. He seemed to hold out on her a lot but he turns out to be a really great hunky and protective cowboy. What he does in the end will make you gasp but wowza!

This story has many suspenseful moments and even though you know who the bad guy is from the start, it in no way solves anything. He is a creepy killer and I seriously felt like I was reading a CSI Cyber plot. The romance is a good part of it but doesn't steal the show. Excellent research has been done by the author and it is revealed in the writing. I am hoping the next books deal with Kait's two FBI friends, Nina and Becca. One thing that deals with a secondary character is Nina and her ex-boyfriend. He is a Navy Seal and I just want to mention something. Why do the women who are dating guys in risky jobs always feel like they can't date them as they never know if they will come home alive?? Come on ladies! Life is short and you can't control what job your future husband works. Okay, done with my little piece:) There were a few words in it that I personally don't use (screw) but overall a very clean read. Another excellent book from Susan Sleeman!!

**DISCLOSURE: I was given a free product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given, and all thoughts are 100% mine. Please read my full disclosure policy HERE.**

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