Saturday, February 13, 2010

Flirty Apron Giveaway

Here is a very neat idea for a giveaway. This lady over at Brown Couch Events has a giveaway for a Flirty Apron. She has made a list of questions for Valentines Day. To enter, you have to post the answers to her questions on your blog. Then go back and let her know you posted them on your blog. They aren't grading you:) And it is about foods. So have some fun and go enter:)

I am going to post her question and then my answer after it. Here goes:)

1.South American Indians celebrated the harvest of this food. Today, a main ingredient for moles and desserts.- My answer is Chocolate

2.This herb was used as a powder by Haitian wives. Today, a main Italian staple in every home.-Sage is my answer.

3.This veggie will get your blood flowing. Today, it is a main ingredient in Mexican recipes.-Corn?

4.French couples ate plenty of this green vegetable before their wedding. Today, in Asian cooking it is often stir fried.-Cabbage

5.Story goes, Attila the Hun enjoyed this on his much so, that he drank himself to death. Today, bridegrooms in India receive this as a gift on their wedding day-Wine

6.The Latin church believes this veggie to be high in protein and increase fertility. Today, it is a staple side with rice in Latin countries-Beans?

7.Medieval women scented their bath water with this intoxicating herb. Today, I use it to season my homemade pasta sauce. It's great coupled with garlic on a lamb roast, too-My answer is Basil

8.Aztec maidens were forbidden to help harvest this green veggie. Today, guacamole cannot be made without it.-My answer is Avacado

9. Bavarian cows were decorated with this fruit in hopes of an abundant milk supply. This Valentine's Day, I recommend dipping this in the answer to question #1.-My answer is Strawberries.

10. This green veggie plays hard to get. Today is very popular deep fried.-?

11. This seafood is loaded in zinc and many believe it to be a very romantic food indeed. Today, it is popular in chowder-My answer is Clams

Not sure how many of them I knew:) But worth a try and fun to boot!!


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Hey! I'm stopping by from Follow Me Friday! GREAT idea for a blog - I'm glad to have found ya! :o)

Happy weekend!

Kelly (Kelly at Home)

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It is fun visiting all these new sites and meeting new people.

Have a great weekend.

Rebecca @Buttons and Bows

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Thanks for linking up with Friday Follow! I am now your blog follower. Have a wonderful weekend and pleasure to meet ya.

~ Lynn

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No need to enter me in this giveaway, I just wanted to let you know I have an award for you HERE

BTW: I couldn't find a link to your profile to email you

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