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Interview with Trish Perry and Book Giveaway

Today we have an author who is a real treat!! I have read a couple of her books and enjoyed them. Trish Perry is the author of several books and she is a talented writer. She has offered to give one of my readers a copy of her book, Sunset Beach. Please read to the end so you can find out how to enter. But please don't just skip to the end of this interview. You don't want to miss it!!

Thanks for being here today Trish!

Happy to be here, Charity.

How long have you known you wanted to be an author?

Although I casually toyed with writing on and off all my life, I never considered pursuing publication until the 90s, when I had gone back to school to complete a degree in Psychology. Part of my degree work involved writing, which led to classes in creative writing, which really lit a fire in me. By the time I got my degree, I decided to wait a few years for grad school so I could give writing a serious shot. Two years later I definitely had the bug, and I never went back to Psychology.

Where do you get the ideas and settings for your books?

They come from varied sources. The first book I wrote (not published) was a spiritual warfare novel. The idea came to me as I read Donna Levin’s Get That Novel Written. Something she wrote made me consider why I had so enjoyed a particular novel I read before I became a Christian. I got the idea of writing a Christian answer to that novel. I learned so much while I wrote that first novel!

The other book ideas came while I was just daydreaming, taking a shower, praying, or chatting with my editor. When I know I need to come up with a story for a contracted book, I just keep praying and waiting for God to plant some ideas in my mind. He always does. As soon as thoughts start to spark, I jot them down. Stories and settings build from those first few thoughts.

Are you a regimented author? or do you write when the urge hits:)

I have to be regimented. Otherwise my lack of discipline keeps me from getting the work done. I love to write, but sometimes you’d never know it, considering all of the procrastinating and fiddle-faddling I do to keep from sitting in front of the computer and getting the job done!

So I figure out when a book is due, and then I break down how many days I have until that date. I allow for days I know I won’t be able to write, and I knock off a few just to be safe. Then it’s simple division and discipline. It’s the only way I can get it done without freaking out during the final few weeks.

Do you have an author you look up to as a mentor? Someone you can go to with questions, etc?

Not any one author, no. But that’s one of the reasons I belong to a number of writers’ groups, especially the online groups. This is one of the wonderful things about the Internet, the way it opened up communication with people all over the world. In the Christian writing world in particular, authors are so generous with their time and expertise. I can’t remember the last time I had a writing question or dilemma I was unable to solve, thanks to the support and ingenuity of my fellow Christian authors.

What person would you love to meet? Historical or future.

I’m going to shy away from anything Biblical on this and your next question, because I figure you get a lot of those answers.

That said, there are so many people I’d like to meet. But for today I’ll say I’d love to meet the late author P. G. Wodehouse. The man was both eloquent and hilarious. He was so classy but always made great fun of the upper classes. I love his writing and think he would have been fascinating to know.

What event would you like to see? Historical or future.

I’d like to see my son’s future wedding. He’s only 18, but he has deliberately focused on his schoolwork, friendships, and efforts to follow God’s path up until this moment, staying clear of dating because he knew he’d be going away to college. He’s such a cool person—strong in his faith, funny, smart, good looking—and I’m eager to see who he’ll end up marrying. I think God has someone wonderful in mind for him, and I so look forward to meeting her. I pray for her all the time.

Do you have somewhere you have always wanted to go? Maybe a vacation spot, overseas, etc?

Just last week my brother sent me an article about a kind of Italian vacation you can take via a company called Home Food. The company focuses on the cooking of individual families, scattered all over the Italian countryside. These villagers open their homes to travelers for a culinary feast typical to their specific region. The countryside is supposed to be the kind you see in paintings and films. And the food is supposed to be amazing.


Any last thoughts for your readers?

I want to thank anyone who has taken the time to read this interview and to read any of my novels. I certainly hope they entertained you and maybe uplifted you in some way. I love hearing about that from readers, so please visit my site (www.trishperry.com) and drop me a line.

Thanks so much!

Thank you, Charity! I appreciate the exposure!

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