Friday, June 28, 2013

Three Common Tooth Myths Revealed

It is amazing the things that you can read on the Internet about your oral hygiene. Before you adopt any practice that seems new or odd, you should always discuss the matter with a dentist like the professionals at Dunkel & Kraklow Quality Dentistry. It can save you all kinds of issues with your teeth later on.

You Don’t Have to Brush Baby Teeth

Most people nowadays will agree that baby teeth have to be brushed, but there are still many patients that bring their children to the dentist with unbrushed teeth. While these baby teeth will fall out, brushing teeth early is important for a few reasons. First, it starts kids out with good brushing habits from the beginning. It teaches them to value having a clean mouth, and it will also help establish good technique before their permanent teeth come in.
Second, it protects the permanent teeth. If your child has too much plaque and decay on baby teeth, it can affect the permanent teeth while they are still resting in the gum. Bacteria will usually not penetrate the gum unless the decay travels deep into the existing tooth. That is why a bi-yearly trip to the dentist is important. If decay is present, it can be fixed so that it will not continue to destroy the tooth and possibly affect the new tooth as well.

X-Rays Are Harmful

There are many people that choose to forgo x-rays because they are afraid of the radiation. There is actually not a lot to be afraid of. In fact, the amount of radiation that you could receive from a set of dental x-rays is about the same amount of radiation you would receive sitting out in the sun for a day.
X-rays are the way that a dentist can find any existing decay in the mouth. There is no other substitute for monitoring teeth. If you are nervous about getting x-rays, you can have a special apron placed on top of you during the x-rays that will block any possible radiation. It is the same apron that is used for pregnant women and other people that may be sensitive to x-rays.

Eat What You Want as Long as You Brush

If you think that you can eat whatever you want as long as you brush right after, you are wrong. Sticky and highly-sugared food will break down teeth if not eaten in moderation. Also, the food that you take into your body will affect your teeth as well. If you don’t eat healthy, you are weakening your entire body, including your teeth.

There are many dental myths that can cause you to damage your teeth. The best things that you can do for your teeth are brush, floss, and visit a dentist like the dentists at Dunkel &Kraklow Quality Dentistry. Following those three simple steps will keep your mouth healthy and free of decay.

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