Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Three Practical Reasons to Buy a Truck

When you browse through a magazine and see an ad for a truck, your eyes may grow wide as you picture yourself behind the wheel of such a powerful vehicle, but not everyone has this reaction to trucks. Some see trucks only as “overkill” or “ego-boosters,” and get frustrated when they barely fit in parking stalls and prevent them from opening their doors all the way. Where there may be a speck of truth in these truck attacks for some drivers, other truck drivers and lovers choose their particular vehicles for several practical reasons. Read on for more info about trucks, and if you want a truck, you may need to start looking for a Ford dealer in Chicagoland!


Coupes, sedans, and even hatchbacks and SUVs can’t haul like a truck can. By definition, trucks area designed to transport cargo. If you’re moving something large like a couch or other furniture, you won’t be restricted by height like you would in other vehicles. Also, things like dirt and rocks can be carried in the bed of a truck without dirtying up the interior of the vehicle.


Trucks are ideal for towing all sorts of trailers. Whether you have a travel trailer, a boat, or any other type of trailer, it won’t do you any good unless you have a vehicle capable of towing it. Some smaller vehicles can be fitted with a trailer hitch, but they aren’t likely to have the towing power or control to compete with an actual truck. The last thing you want is to get into an accident that wrecks not only your car, but whatever you were towing as well. Also, if you ever come across someone in need of a tow, you can save them from calling for expensive towing services.


Depending on your job or hobbies, you may need the off-roading capabilities of a truck. For example, if you enjoy camping or own a cabin, sometimes the roads on the way there aren’t paved and are full of dips and rocks. Also, during bad weather even the nicest of roads can turn into off-road-like situations. With four-wheel drive and other features, you can handle any road, or lack thereof, like a champ. So the next time you’re browsing trucks at a Ford dealer in Chicagoland, you can feel a little better about making a perfectly practical decision.

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