Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How to Become the Most Popular Bachelor in Town

Your young, you’ve just graduated from college, and you are starting out in a great career. While you may be busy, and it is possible that you long for the social life that you had back in college, this new stage of life has a variety of different opportunities. As a new bachelor in the city, it is your chance to be classy and show the ladies that you are not only a man of style, but that you know how to treat them right. In order to do this, you are going to need a new suit, a shiny new car from your local Hendrick Buick GMC Cadillac dealer, and the skills that will set you apart as a full grown man.

The Suit

More than likely, you have had the same suit since your graduation in high school. Now is the time to not only invest in a new suit, but one that is of a high quality. Do not go to a department store in search of a suit; instead, try to find a smaller suit store that will be able to give you a personalized experience. Yes, you more than likely will be paying more money, but you will be paying for a higher quality look and style.

The Skills

As an emerging bachelor, you are going to need a fresh set of skills that will set you apart as a true man. One of the most important skills that you can learn is how to shave with a straight razor. This will help give you the smoothest shave possible, while also eliminating the usual nicks and skin problems that are associated with shaving. Other essential skills include how to change the oil in your car, start a fire, and fix a great meal.

The Car

As a new bachelor, it is essential that you get a new car from your local Hendrick Buick GMC Cadillac dealer. A new car will not only help you to impress the ladies, but it is a great way to make sure that you are always on time for your meetings, including the ones at your new job.

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