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2014 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide with Lynne Gentry!! 2 Book #Giveaway

Good morning everyone! Remember I told you all about my obsession with books and how they make great gifts? Well, okay, maybe it isn't quite an obsession, but you get the idea:) One of the things I love about books is that they are good for almost anybody and there are soo many choices out there!! And today I have an author that is somewhat new to the scene but she broke in with a humdinger of a book! If I can use that term for this wonderful and interesting novel. I like to think of Lynne's books as modern with a twist:) Gotta love them!

Lynne Gentry has not only written her first debut novel, Healer of Carthage, but the next one is in line as well. And whoever wins this giveaway will receive a copy of Healer of Carthage and an ARC copy of Return to Exile!!! Check out the devotional that Lynne has written and then enter through the form below.


A virus with no known vaccine or cure has come to U.S. soil.
Like most anxious Americans, I’ve been following the latest Ebola news since the arrival of Dr. Kent Brantley, my daughter’s former college TA. While this fine young man recovered in a hospital isolation unit, I held my breath. What if they couldn’t contain the virus? Victims only had a 50% survival rate. This could be bad, not only for Kent, but for all of us.
And then the worst happened.
Ebola came to Dallas.
I live in Dallas. I and my medical therapy dog are in the hospitals once a week. My daughter is an anesthesiologist and my husband is in surgical education.
My pulse began to race and my chest began to ache. I told my daughter I thought I had a fever. “We need to get out of town. Go to a deserted island until this virus flames out,” I told her.
That’s when she informed me that I was suffering from a more deadly virus … fear.
The destructive power of fear is not new. In the third century, terror swept through the Roman Empire faster than the horrible plague that killed 5,000 people a day at its peak. Those who could afford to get out of town fled to their country homes. They left their dying relatives behind. Those forced to stay in the cities began to search for someone to blame. They set their eyes on Christians, a strange people not given to worshipping their pagan gods. Persecution became a national law. Christians were ripped from their homes. Burned on crosses or sentenced to horrible deaths in the arena. Their properties were looted or confiscated.
Fear would have toppled the Empire were it not for the bravery of a scruffy little band of Christians in Carthage. These persecuted believers put aside the human inclination to protect oneself. They joined hands, opened their homes, and offered supportive care to the very ones demanding their deaths.
What does the past have to do with me? After all, today we have the CDC’s epidemic team of young physicians, nurses, and scientists. They’re trained to deal with outbreaks. They wear special vests, suits, and face shields. For every other crisis from poverty to aging, we have government programs and non-profit organizations. I don’t have to sacrifice or take selfless risks.
But the human heart is where our greatest enemy to a society resides. Fear is the safest way to do nothing at all.

“Perfect love casts out fear.” I John 4:18 NASB

This is the first book being given away, Healer of Carthage.

A twenty-first-century doctor. A third-century plague. A love out of time.

First-year medical resident Dr. Lisbeth Hastings uses her father’s bizarre summons to escape her tragic mistake.
While Lisbeth searches her father’s haunted archaeological dig, she falls through a hidden portal. The currents of time spew her into third century Carthage where she awakens the object of a fierce bidding war.
Unable to escape slavery, Lisbeth becomes the property of Cyprian Thascius, a wealthy Roman entangled with a group of people under siege from political persecution and a deadly plague.
Lisbeth resists divulging her medical skills until she stumbles upon a buried secret. To save her family, she must unite with Cyprian to save Carthage from an epidemic. But every revolutionary step in the past threatens the future.

The second book, an ARC of Return to Exile. 

How far would you go to save the ones you love?

Six years ago, impossible circumstances forced Dr. Lisbeth Hastings to leave behind the love of her life, not just in another country, but in another time. Her work as a top-notch epidemiologist and parenting her little girl helps alleviate the pain, but at night when her exhausted head hits the pillow, images of her beloved Cyprian haunt her sleep.

Cyprian Thascius returns from political exile a broken man. He’s lost his faith, the love of his life, and his purpose. He attempts to move on, to face the danger that is looming over Carthage, but when Cyprian’s true love suddenly reappears, his heart becomes as imperiled as the fledgling church he seeks to save.

Have the years that kept Lisbeth and Cyprian apart created too wide a chasm to bridge? In the midst of a new epidemic and rising oppression, will their love be the most costly fatality? Filled with gripping action and raw emotion, this spellbinding adventure of star-crossed lovers captivates with every turn of the page in this electric continuation of The Carthage Chronicles.

You can purchase Lynne's books on the following sites

Who are these for? 
This set of books is great for someone who loves fiction with a twist. Where else can you get a modern day woman traveling back in time to Rome? Ladies, gents and even teenagers will enjoy these.
The Giveaway!
One reader will win both Healer of Carthage and an ARC copy of Return to Exile. These are great to keep as a gift for yourself or give as a gift. The giveaway will end 11/11. Winner will be chosen through Random.org and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. USA ONLY!!

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Ken Ohl said...

heights is my biggest hangup. thankyou, ken pohl19@comcast.net

Robyn-coolestmommy R said...

I really don't like moths. Spiders are a close 2nd.

Mary Hart said...

Would love to try a new author!

Caryl Kane said...

I don't like heights! Thanks for the giveaway. :)


Caryl Kane said...

I don't like rats! Thanks for the giveaway. :)


Amy C said...

Spiders!!! Amy not like them! Eww, no way.

Gwendolyn Gage said...

I turn into a baby when it comes to spiders. I also have a problem with heights, but yeah, can't handle the spiders and bugs. Not a camping lady, lol


Theresa Adkins said...

I am afraid of the dark, physically and metaphorically.

Sharon Timmer said...

I am afraid of heights - I am okay if I am in an enclosed airplane or building but standing on the edge of a cliff makes my knees shake!

Velma said...

My worst phobia is BATS! When I was a little girl, someone told me that they would get caught in my hair. I have been terrified of them since. YIKES!

chris granville said...

Would love to read these books but most of all I want to wish you a terrific, God-blessed day
Chris Granville

Jennider Davis said...

Any and all bugs

Jennifer Davis said...

I said about the bugs earlier, just correcting my name!

Nancy Loring said...

My worst phobia is the fog. Fog has always creeped me out. I don't like being in it.

Jessica said...

Creepy clowns. Regular nice clowns are ok, but they kind they have for haunted houses or scary tv shows freak me out! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! girlygirlugh at gmail dot com

Dede said...

I really don't like clowns, but baby dolls......ugh. I've seen too many scary movies with dolls and just don't like to see them in a room!

Lynda E. said...

I'm not a fan of spiders. Yuk! Thanks for the giveaway! Danandlyndaedwards(at) msn (dot) com.

Patty said...

I don't like rodents!

kathy dalton said...

i have a fear of my face being covered...

tickmenot said...

I really hate bugs & dirt!

J:-)mi said...

I'm very intrigued by these books! I hope I win! If not, I'll have to try to convince the library to get them for me.
My fear is dogs. When they aggressively approach me whether to play or attack, the aggression scares me.

Aerykah said...

Crowds of people I don't know. Especially if I'm in an unfamiliar place. I've never had a panic attack or anything... but I do find it hard to breath and have to get myself out of that situation as quickly as possible.

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