Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kids Academy Learning Apps with #Review #MomBuzz #FreeKidsApps

I recently had the opportunity to review three different apps from Kids Academy. Below I will tell you about each title and what I found enjoyable. These are to help your children learn their alphabet, numbers, etc. So these would be great for the homeschooling youngsters or even those who are just learning their alphabet.

This game is probably my favorite out of the ones by Kids Academy. Your children learn as they sing the fun silly song, B-I-N-G-O that I believe everyone knows. One thing I like is the words are clear and crisp and the music isn't rocky but very fun sounding. This is an excellent game that will be very useful. Definitely would suggest!!

This app was a close second to the Bingo one. The only reason I like the Bingo app better is that it is one song, and repetition really helps children. But this one employs different songs to teach. My favorite part of this app is the system to reward children. For every one they trace correctly, they receive a star. In this way, they learn AND get rewarded. The letters are first traced and then they are allowed to do it by themselves. Great for children!!

To start off, I will only be reviewing the free section of the Kid's Academy App. But what I have seen so far makes me eager to try the rest. This is an app that works great for young children learning to read, do their numbers, etc. The favorite section hands down was the part where you learn the alphabet. This area brings up the letter and then gives several instances of words that start with that letter. So if the letter is B, there is a bee, a bridge, and so on. You can click around the screen and a person will sound it out. Another section allows the child to trace the letter with stars and lines, then without the lines. One thing I noticed was this only allows the child to follow exactly what is given. So on the A, if they want to do the stick in the middle first, they can't do that. It must be done as it is shown. Great for some children while others may not care for it. There is also a section for learning/tracing numbers. As they learn these, there is a jar that is filled with fireflies. So it makes it fun, not just boring work of tracing numbers. Overall this would be great for young ones learning to read and write. Makes things fun and interesting. I like the new features available and they seem to be fast about updating and taking care of bugs. 

**DISCLOSURE: I was given a free product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given, and all thoughts are 100% mine. Please read my full disclosure policy HERE.**


Amber B said...

My children loved this app it is so bright and colorful. I love having something like this when they need to be occupied for a while and I have no toys with me. I like the songs and the rewards as well, I find they love when they get a "reward" for a job well done.

CourtneyLynne said...

These sound fantastic!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Desafio said...

Thank you for the recommendation. I will look into them.

Crystal Wachoski said...

I love educational apps. I have been teaching my daughter multiplication with mine.

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