Monday, June 7, 2010

My Review of Love On A Dime By Cara Lynn James

I am sure you all remember the giveaway I did last month for Love On A Dime. I was also sent a review copy so here are my thoughts about it:)

This is Cara James' debut novel. I always take that into account when I read a book because I believe authors get better and better as they write. I could tell this was a debut novel. Which isn't a bad thing. There are just little things you notice. Now this was an ARC so maybe these things were fixed in the actual copy.

I did enjoy the story though!! Talk about entertaining:) You go back and forth over disliking people and I hope the next book deals with Lilly's brother. That totally shocked me when I read about his wife!I can't say much here as that would spoil it if you haven't read the book:) He did turn out all right though. I also like the cover of the book. Very feminine and appealing. Makes you want to open the book just from the cover.

Please make sure you pick up a copy if you have the chance.

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