Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Derby Cafe in Louisville, KY Lunch Review

Well, I am a little late in getting these up. Things have just been super hectic but I should have gotten them up before now. Remember my trip to Louisville, KY last month? Well, this is one of the places I was offered to do a review for! Derby Cafe! I had no clue what to expect as this was my first time and from the website it looks very classy. Check out my thoughts and the pictures below!

The Derby Cafe is attached to the Derby Museum, of which I was given free passes to attend as well. This was a very fun time but I am going to be focusing on the restaurant itself. I have to put in a little picture real quick of one of the girls with the cutest baby horse. Of course, it is fake but they liked it:D

We went to the museum first and then my sister and I had lunch at the cafe. When you walk in you realize that this is a very up-class place. The table settings and the atmosphere are the quiet reserved type. As you walk in there is a daily special on a blackboard and this day they had the pot roast sandwich. We had a waitress at our table within a couple minutes who informed us the restaurant hadn't officially opened yet but she would get our drink order right away. Needless to say, I got an iced tea and my sister got a sweet tea.
It was delicious! Nice and refreshing for a warm day. My sister ordered the daily special and I ordered the Secretariat Turkey Club. Both of our meals came with chips but we requested a salad instead of the chips. The area was really nice and quiet and there were only two or three other people in the restaurant at this point. Our salads came out first and they were very fresh. I hate when a salad is small or looks like it has been sitting in the back for a while. This salad was smaller but very fresh! I really liked the dishes.

Our meal arrived not long after the salads and I hadn't totally completed my salad yet. Imagine our surprise when the meal came with the chips as well! These are the kettle cooked style chips, of which my sister and I are big fans. Check out our meals!

While we were eating our sandwiches, we could see out the huge window beside our table and we realized that the resident mascot and race horses were in the paddock near the restaurant. I saw the mini come out several times but the race horse pretty much stayed in his stall. There will be a picture of him later. Our sandwiches were great and I really enjoyed mine. The turkey and cheese went really well together and the light dressing on it added to the flavor.

We were offered desert but by the time I was done with my sandwich, I had no room for desert so we bypassed the treat. Overall this was a great little restaurant. It is small and quiet which would make a perfect date time or maybe a business lunch. But it is definitely a place I would visit again on another trip to Louisville, KY. And if you are in the area, please check it out!

Oh, and one last picture:) You can't see much but this is the resident race horse in his stall.

I received a free meal from Derby Cafe in exchange for my thoughts. I did not receive any monetary compensation. 

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Jerri Davis said...

This would be fun for me as well. Very Interesting Review. Thank you. Jerri Davis

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