Thursday, October 18, 2012

Two Brides for One Groom? Twice Promised by Maggie Brendan

What do you do when you arrive at your destination as a mail order bride and happen to bump into another woman intent on marrying your man? And then you find out the groom knows nothing about it? Well, see how it works out in Twice Promised by Maggie Brendan! Check out my review below:)

Seeing how successful her older sister's "mail order marriage" has been and longing to strike out on her own, Greta Olsen answers an ad for a mail order bride in Central City, Colorado. But when she meets Jess Gifford, owner of a thriving mercantile, she begins to harbor doubts. He didn't place the ad to begin with and his business in a busy mining town leaves him little time or energy for love. To compound her troubles, she was not the only bride to answer the ad! Will either bride strike the match she hopes for?

Filled with amusing and awkward situations that will keep the reader interested and guessing, Twice Promised is another sweet romance from Maggie Brendan.

MY THOUGHTS-Maggie Brendan is an author I enjoy reading quite a bit. Her books are the type that have plots you never see coming. I mean, in this one you have Cora and Greta, both on the same train, traveling as mail order brides. Of course, they are both going to marry Jess Gifford, but come to find out, he knows nothing of the marriage proposition and his brother Zach, ordered both of them! Come on, how much more interesting can you get? A wonderful story with two beautiful ladies intent on marriage. And believe me, what I talked about above is just the first part and it takes off from there.

Greta is one of the young ladies who was engaged to another young man previously. There is an interesting turn of events about this but I don't want to give anything away. She is from Holland originally but if any of you have read another book of Maggie's entitled, Deeply Devoted, you might know her family, Catherine and Peter. She is very sweet and I loved her from the beginning. The calm one who knows how to take control and do things without being brash about it.

Cora is the other young lady. Hailing from Boston she is petite, beautiful and very classy. Her attitude somewhat upset me at the first but I grew to like her. And I can definitely understand her attitude after falling love with a man through his letters and then finding out they are all false. She is easily upset and quite the city girl:)

Overall an excellent book! Is there another Blue Willow Brides book in the future? Looking forward to anything Maggie writes. Way to go!

Available October 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.
I received a copy of this book for my review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine.

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