Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What A Beautiful Story! A Promise to Love by Serena Miller

Not often you read a book and end up crying halfway through while you are laughing at the same time. Yet that is exactly what happened during my reading of A Promise to Love by Serena Miller. This is another hit from an author who knows how to draw her readers into the characters lives.

Ingrid Larsen, a young Swedish immigrant, arrives in Michigan in 1871 to search for her brother who has disappeared into the woods to work the dangerous lumber camps. Destitute and barely hanging on to hope, she encounters a newly-widowed farmer who is struggling to raise five children on his own. Marriage would solve both of their problems, and so Ingrid proposes to a man she barely knows.

MY REVIEW-Serena is an author I have kept an eye out for after reading her other novel, The Measure of Katie Calloway. I really enjoyed that book so I was wondering how this one would be. And I had no need to be worried. This is a book that draws you in and I felt like Ingrid, Joshua and the wonderful passel of children were all neighbors.

This book features Ingrid as the heroine. She is quite a character and I fell in love with her from the beginning. Her intrepid understanding of the english language and trying to fit in makes you ache for her. And yet she has the strength to propose to a man! Joshua is the man who she proposes to and he accepts. But you find out he is still quite in love with his first wife, Diantha. So it is not your regular marriage. There is one part that I just started crying. Ingrid is trying to hard to fix things up and be a good wife and mother. And Joshua comes in and yells at her over something, calling her a name at the same time. And she just gets up and leaves. Now at this point I also started laughing because Joshua's little girl starts telling him that Ingrid can't leave because she makes good biscuits. :)

A very good novel with some good dialogue and well written characters. Loved it!!

Available October 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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