Friday, February 7, 2014

Three Signs of Alcoholism and How to Help Victims

Social drinking is usually accepted. The situation is a bit different when people are at the bar every day. Their habit has turned into an ugly addiction, which may need to be treated at a facility like the Palm Beach Institute. The warning signs that a friend or family member has turned into an alcoholic are not always obvious at first. If you are not quite sure if a loved one’s tendencies have spun out of control, the following information may be helpful. Here are 3 surefire signs of alcohol abuse.

 1. Neglecting Responsibilities

Addicts depend on huge amounts of alcohol to make it through the day. They can only concentrate on one thing, and that is how to get another bottle of whiskey or vodka to help them reach their next euphoria. Many dependents drink because they want to forget. Others just like the effect the alcohol has. Either way, individuals with an alcohol addiction are unable to function properly in society. They neglect responsibilities at work, home, and school. Commitments are refused, and they are always late. Alcoholics also disappear at all hours of the day and night in order to avoid their assigned duties.

2. Causing Danger

Alcohol has a bad effect on a human’s body and brain. Intoxication is destructive in many ways. It lowers an individual's inhibitions, and impairs that person’s good judgment. Heavy drinkers no longer recognize dangerous situations on the road and throughout everyday life. They can hurt themselves and others while driving, operating machinery, and using equipment at home. Dependents are even less alert when alcohol is mixed with prescription drugs. They need medical attention at once.

3. Denial

Any time you point out that your friend, colleague, or relative is drinking too much, they will try to convince you right away that they are not alcoholics. They refuse to admit that they have a problem. It is impossible to talk to drunks. They will insist on being in control, yet will not quit even if it endangers valuable personal relationships.

Treatment and Rehabilitation

In most situations, alcoholics need professional help to conquer their addiction. Patients require constant supervision to help them through this difficult time. Rehab and recovery facilities like the Palm Beach Institute employ innovative programs to assist troubled citizens seeking help. The staff also teaches them coping skills to ensure a lifelong recovery. 

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