Thursday, January 21, 2016

Where She Belongs by Johnnie Alexander

Where She Belongs

by Johnnie Alexander

Can love redeem a broken past?

Shelby Kincaid is ready to move forward after the death of her husband left her devastated. With high hopes for the future, she longs to purchase her family's homestead, Misty Willow, so she can raise her young daughters in the only place she ever truly belonged. She plans to transform the abandoned house into the perfect home of her memories. But she has her work cut out for her.

AJ Sullivan never wanted Shelby's family homestead in the first place. His grandfather left it to him as punishment for not following his wishes, and he's let it fall into ruin. AJ's more than happy to unload it to this spitfire of a woman. But even after angry exchanges over the state of the house, he can't get her off his mind.

With writing that evokes a strong sense of place and family history, Johnnie Alexander deftly explores the ties that bind us to home--and the irresistible forces that draw us to each other.

MY THOUGHTS- I recently discovered this author, Johnnie Alexander, and fell in love with her writing style. She makes the characters come alive in a way that draws the reader fully into the story, totally losing track of time, often ending in the wee hours of the night:) 

Johnnie's first novel was a historical one, and while this one is contemporary, I still found the same writing style that I loved so dearly in her other story. Shelby is the single mother, moving back home to take over the old place. She wants to take her girls out of Chicago, slow down a little and maybe hold on to the bitterness she has towards the Sullivan clan. Only problem comes from AJ Sullivan, the man she just can't keep her anger against. It isn't like AJ is going out of his way to win the love of her girls, or help in the battle to save the place, she just isn't supposed to like him! Harder to say than to do.

I really have a hard time when characters don't follow the path I think they should. But I realize it is the mark of a good author when they make you feel emotions such as I did while watching Shelby go down a trail I knew wasn't right for her. The plot is entertaining but it isn't all fun and love. There are many times of soul searching, heartache and realizing what is really important in life. A little bit of a mystery thrown in keeps the reader on edge until the end. I had an inkling at the back of my mind about what had happened but couldn't believe that was how it would be played out. Yes, this is an author who isn't afraid to startle her readers! All in all it is a story that you will want to keep on your shelf and re-read many times. An intriguing, enjoyable roller coaster of a ride. You have done it again Johnnie!

**DISCLOSURE: I was given a free product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given, and all thoughts are 100% mine. Please read my full disclosure policy HERE.**


Mary Hart said...

I like Veggie chips! As a rule, they are lower carb & have fiber, therefore healthier!

Kristie said...

I have never read this author. I love finding new authors to read. I love inspirational fiction. Thanks for the honest review! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

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