Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do's and Dont's of Dinner Table Etiquette

You all know by now how much I love Social Moms. If not, then you haven't been reading my posts. Anyways, they are always coming up with great opportunities and this time it is about your dinner table manners. Let me tell you about my tips and how we learn table manners at our house.

1.Always Set The Table.
This is something that not many families do any more. We are often on the run and it is too hard to set the table, but I have found it is a great way to get more sit down time. It also helps with the person who sets the table, it changes every month, and they learn the responsibilities of this job.

2.Learn Polite Table Talk.
Have the rule that you don't talk about crude or vulgar things at the table, even though it might be best to never talk about them:). Maybe set the rule down that you only talk about your day, or how things are going, but we definitely try to keep the crude things away from the table.

3.Never Be Rude.
This really helps to keep the table a fun, loving place. What better place to feel like a family than at the table? Keep it that way by being polite and loving. Congratulate your family members on their awards or with how good they are doing in school. But keep the mean things or the rude things unsaid while at the dinner table.

4.Teach How To Eat and Dine.
Many people don't care about these things anymore but it used to be taught to children. Show them how to place the fork, where the napkin goes when you done using it, not to talk with your mouth full, that you don't talk loudly while at the table, etc. These are all things that our children need to be learning. And it will travel over in to their daily life. If we can teach them these things at home, they will be doing them while out and about. And we all want that as a family. Everyone wants their family to be the ones others would like to have over, start at the house and help your children:)

So, how do you train your children? Do you have classes at the house? Or maybe train them from when they are little:) I love hearing your thoughts on these and I also learn new tips myself. Bring them on and leave a comment!

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Cozy in Texas said...

This is a great post. We tend to eat on the run these days and children don't grow up learning table manners.

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